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I love, love, love focus words.

I could talk forever about the why behind each of mine, hearing the story about someone else’s journey, sharing progress stories, I just love everything about them.

My first foray into the world of focus words was actually completely unintentional. I didn’t choose my word of the year per say (because, at that time, I thought they were stupid and useless), but it found me. My first word came to me around February after starting out 2017 full of tension, anger, and frustration. I knew something in me had to change, and the epiphany ( 😉 ) came in the message: I need to choose joy. I’ve already talked a lot about this (read the debut post here and my 6-month update here), so I won’t tell my whole story for the thousandth time (you’re welcome). Instead, let’s get to what this post is really about.


My focus word for 2018 is unstoppable.


As with joy (and later, gratitude), this word chose me. I didn’t make a list of nice-sounding words and haphazardly pick one for the year. I know some of what is on my calendar for 2018 and I know the kind of person I want to be 12 months from now. I have big goals and I am going to accomplish them. I know what I’m capable of and I am not going to settle for anything less than what I know I deserve. What sealed the deal on this word for me? I give in to my anxiety more often than I’d like to admit and it prevents me from doing a lot of the things I really want to do. This year, I’m not going to let it.

Last year was very introspective. It put me in a healthier mental state and gave me the thought process behind living instead of merely existing.

This year, it’s time to start living.


(adjective) incapable of being defeated, overcome, or subdued; impossible to stop or prevent


I am determined to succeed, even when I’m told I won’t. Especially, when I’m told I can’t. I am determined to stay relentless in the pursuit of my passions. I am determined to push myself further than I ever thought I could go. I am determined to be unstoppable.

It took me a long time to fully and truly accept who I am. It took a lot of hard work to be where I am now. It took some serious changes in mentality to be kind, fierce, brave, and honest all at the same time. I’m here to be a force to be reckoned with because no one, not even myself, can stop me from achieving greatness.


“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears” -Mark Anthony


I will be unstoppable in doing things that scare me.

I will be unstoppable in my pursuit of knowledge.

I will be unstoppable in furthering my career and my professional self.

I will be unstoppable in investing in my relationships and helping us succeed together.

I will be unstoppable in seeking out new growth opportunities.

I will be unstoppable in finishing what I begin.

I will be unstoppable in continuing to better myself as a human being.

I will be unstoppable in succeeding academically.

I will be unstoppable in confidence.

I will be unstoppable in making myself – and others – proud.

I will be unstoppable, even when I make mistakes, even when I stumble, and even when I fail.


“She was unstoppable, not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.”


This year, I will be unstoppable.


~ What’s your word for 2018?

If you don’t have one yet, don’t know how to pick one, or aren’t convinced a focus word is for you, check out this post on finding your focus word!

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