How I Became A Morning Person

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Mornings are my favorite part of the day! I’ve mentioned this a lot (see this, this, and this if you’re interested), but I haven’t really talked about how I gave myself the opportunity to fall in love with them! Before college, I could be in bed until 11 am if given the freedom to do so. Now, that would drive me absolutely insane. I have to be up by 8 am to not feel like I’m wasting my day away!

If you like staying up late and sleeping in and that works with your lifestyle, more power to you. Today, though, I want to share how I (more or less subconsciously) became a morning person! This change, however accidental it may have been, turned out to be an unintentional contributor in making my life a much, much happier one.



Believe it or not, this was the biggest thing that kickstarted my transition to waking up earlier. Any kind of movement first thing in the morning will definitely wake you up and you’ll feel so energized afterwards! I love that post-workout high (despite my complaining before and during any sort of exercise), so getting it out of the way in the morning sets me up for a successful day. That, combined with the fact that paying for a class and losing money if I skip it, always convinces me it’s worth it to get out of bed and into the world first thing in the morning. I actually went to a 5:30 am cycling class once…that was an experience for sure.


Something to Look Forward to

Find something that makes you want to get your day started! It could be a fun fitness class, a good breakfast, having friends over, traveling, or even just the promise of starting a new book or Netflix episode. Your excitement usually makes it a lot harder to go back to sleep after your alarm goes off, so take advantage of it!



Food will always work for me if I’m being honest. 😉 Breakfast is my favorite and I’m usually starving once I wake up, so I will definitely make that a priority! Even if you’re just looking forward to coffee and getting your caffeine fix, it gets you out of bed, right?


Lack of Curtains

In both my dorm rooms and summer apartments over the past two years, I haven’t had curtains to block out any light that sneaks through the blinds. This meant that when the sun was up, I was up as well. Since I would wake up whether I wanted to or not around the same time each day, my natural waking time grew earlier and earlier. This is especially annoying if I’m spending the night at a friend‘s house or something, but I love it any other day!


Routine/ Consistency

Like I said, I ended up always waking up at the same time. Because of this, I made sure I also went to bed around the same time. Staying on a schedule helped me adjust to my new hours (if that’s such a thing). Last semester (and this upcoming one), I had an 8:30 am class every day. This summer, I have to be at work at 7:30 each morning. Obviously I have to be on time for these responsibilities regardless of whether I’m a morning person or not, but I still keep my alarms set over the weekend so I don’t mess with my sleep schedule. I may sleep in an extra hour on the weekends, but staying roughly consistent will help!


Eliminating Blue Light

I wrote about the importance of getting rid of blue light here, so definitely go give that a read. In a nutshell, I put my laptop and phone on an automatic timer that turns off the blue light settings for my screens around 7pm. It turns it back on at 7 am. Blue light tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime therefore hindering your ability to go to sleep and even impacting the quality of your sleep as well. I get that it’s hard to stay technology-free a few hours before bed as is usually recommended, especially during the school year where everyone’s still trying to get a million things done, so turning off blue light will definitely make a difference while still allowing you that extra hour or two of productivity.


But Turning on Other Light

In the morning though, turn that light on! Open your blinds (even if the sun isn’t up yet) and turn on your overhead light. Again, this light helps wake up your brain and tell it that it’s daytime. By not getting ready in the dark, you help shake any lingering sleepiness and start your day on the right foot!



I personally don’t really listen to music in the morning (I like the silence), but I wanted to share this article with you. It’s a playlist scientifically designed to help wake you up! Go science!


I ended up becoming a morning person without really trying. It happened because of a few necessary lifestyle changes, but I’m so, so happy I did it! I understand that some people are wired for the day shift and others for the night shift, so please work with your body and find your perfect fit. For me, I know I’m not a night owl anymore and this schedule fits my life at this time, not to mention I absolutely enjoy it. Give it a chance and let me know what you think!


“You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart.” -Carole King


~ Are you a morning person? What gets you out of bed?

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