500 Words On Personal Values and Handling Judgment

Personal Values2

I hold my personal values very close to me. I’m traditional in a lot of ways and I’ve come to realize that not many people still see more old-fashioned principles as meaningful. I’m not going to get into specifics right now (though you can read one example from last year here), but I want to take this post to emphasize that you can’t let anyone influence what you believe is right. I’ve gotten a lot of judgment for what I think are important principles, but I refuse to let that influence how I live my life. It’s important to understand what you value because those personal values are what guide you. You don’t have to find every cliche in the book or adopt the noblest of ideals if those aren’t truly you; you just have to sit down with your priorities and see how they line up with what you […]

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500 Words On Saying Yes To Life

say yes to life

I’m sure you all have noticed that recently I’ve been really into discussing what it means to truly live– not just go through the motions, but to really live life to the fullest. Doing more than simply existing is important to me and I make it a big focus of mine. Ever since I completely turned around my outlook on life and became one of those annoying always-optimistic, life-is-so-beautiful people, I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to put life first. Obviously school and work are top priorities, but you can’t let them consume you. They do not define you and they are not your entire life. If you ask me to dinner, I will always say yes and make time for you. If you want a Netflix night, I will usually stop what I’m doing early and watch. I value sleep and also prioritize getting enough of it, but […]

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500 Words On The Inexplicable

The Inexplicable

I don’t know what it is about 2017, but we’re only two months in and my life has been so much happier. Maybe it’s because I realized how much I can reasonably handle without going insane or because I’m staying on top of my classes. It could be because I’ve been making a conscious effort every day to live out my focus word or maybe all of the bad that has taken over the news lately brings out an equal extreme- a strong, astounding appreciation for the small and the beautiful in life. Possibly, it’s a great big bundle containing all of the above and then some. As I mentioned last week, I’m one of those people that is just in love with morning. I love waking up as the sun does the same and I love sitting in the quiet with a cup of coffee to watch the world […]

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500 Words On The Calm Before The Storm

The Calm Before The Storm

Can you believe that the first month of 2017 will be over in just a few days? January is always weird; the weeks seem so long but somehow the month just flies by. It acts as our opportunity to get back into the swing of things just in time to spend the short month of February preparing for the inevitable madness that is March. In my mind, the end of January marks the end of winter and the start of the spring season. Sure, it’s not the official change of season, but it’s a change in mindset and the spring mindset can be harmful if you don’t know what to do with it. In summer, life is good. We’re interning, learning, traveling, hanging, and overall having a good time. In fall, we’re motivated. We start the school year off right, meet a ton of new people, and always have some […]

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