Why International Students Are Low Key Amazing

Why International Students Are Low Key Amazing

College is a completely different world. Very typical, cliche statement, I know. So what happens when you go to experience this completely different world, but in a completely different country? Science especially brings people together from all over, so I’ve had the great opportunity to learn from people of all corners of the globe. In addition to everyday interactions, I’ve done a parade of flags (a parade showcasing countries from around the world) and worked as a mentor for incoming international freshmen. Being able to witness all that these kids are doing has made me realize how completely amazing international students are no matter which school they travel to. Who else shows such dedication, prioritization, and sacrifice for their education, ambitions, and a brighter future? I’m completely in awe of the students that fly across the world to live, learn, and work completely immersed in a foreign country all at […]

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What High School Students Need To Know Before College


Earlier this week, I went back to my high school for some of my favorite teachers’ “alumni day.” This day is meant for some of our school’s graduated students now living it up in college to come back and share what they’ve learned with the current high school students sitting in seats we were in just a few short years ago. College has changed my life for the better in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined. I love talking to students about to embark on their own journey because they’re so full of wonder, anticipation, and potential! Today I’m sharing my 9 most important points that high school students should know before stepping onto the campus of their new home.   1. If you graduate with a feeling of entitlement, the real world will laugh in your face. Let’s start off pretty blunt, shall we? Nobody, and I repeat, nobody […]

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11 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Winter Break


Now that the busy hubbub that is the week leading up to Christmas is over, you (if you’re a student) probably have a few more weeks home from school. Instead of sleeping in until 1 in the afternoon every day, today I’m sharing 11 things you can do to make the most of your winter break!   This page contains affiliate links. This means that if you click through a product link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no added cost to you. Thanks for supporting Sweet Tea Epiphany!   1. Knock a book or two off of your reading list. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck // Room // Gone Girl If I’m being completely honest, I probably haven’t finished a book in a year at least. I mean, I’ve been halfway through Jane Eyre and Bill Nye’s Undeniable ever since I […]

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Let’s Talk About Imposter Syndrome


With final exams coming up (and with it the end of my hardest semester yet), I feel that today is as good a time as any to address a feeling that plagues many: Imposter Syndrome. via What is imposter syndrome? The term “imposter syndrome” was coined in 1978 by Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes, two American psychologists. It’s basically a feeling of self-doubt that stems from natural humility. Yes, humility is healthy, but it becomes a problem when it starts becoming a detriment to your personal self-acceptance. Clance and Imes described imposter syndrome as a sense of “phoniness in people who believe that they are not intelligent, capable, or creative despite evidence of high achievement” (source). It’s when you feel that you don’t entirely know what you’re doing, you’ve somehow lucked out or tricked everyone else into believing you’re more competent or skilled than you truly are, and someone is […]

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10 Reasons Going To A Big School Is The Best


When I was looking at colleges, I knew I absolutely wanted to go to a big school. I went to a pretty average high school (a lot bigger than some, a lot smaller than others), but I was ready to go bigger. I was dead-set on going out of state, so I figured- why not go all out and get the biggest, loudest, best college experience I could find? Well, I didn’t end up at the biggest college out there (we’re the 64th biggest, that’s something right??). I’m now finishing up my third semester here at NC State and I love life at this school so much. I couldn’t imagine a better decision or a better fit for me than right here. I attribute a lot of this to the school’s size because with size and quality, everything else readily follows. Today, I want to share everything I love about […]

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Why I Don’t Support The College Drinking Culture


Happy Halloween! I decided I would have this post go live today because, in college, “Halloween” is basically equivalent with “party” and we all know that “party” to students is basically equivalent with “alcohol.” So I’m going to come right out and say it. I don’t drink. I don’t have the desire to drink and frankly I’m too lazy to go find someone over 21 or get a fake ID to do so anyway. I honestly don’t have much respect for underage students who go out, party, and get drunk every other day. I really don’t have much respect for those who go out and get completely wasted, period, and I definitely don’t have much respect for those who feel the need to broadcast their solo cups across social media for their friends to think they’re living the dream life. What’s the deal with all of these pictures of beer […]

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Why I Prioritize Sleep As A Student


You know that triangle that has the three main categories of life in college? The one that says, of sleep, a social life, and good grades, you can pick two? The one that actually ends up being this- This kind of stress induced burn out is so incredibly common. I’m only a sophomore and I feel these diagrams on a spiritual level, so it happens fast. Despite all of this, I’ve always been pretty strict about prioritizing sleep. My rule is to always be in bed by midnight, though I often strive for before 11:00 since I’m usually up by 8. If I still have homework left that I didn’t get done, it’s not going to get done. I won’t sacrifice my physical and mental health to complete an assignment at a sub-par quality that probably won’t count for much of my grade anyway. This means absolutely no all-nighters. No […]

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How To Make The Most Of College Tours


College visits are some of the most exciting (and terrifying) things about being an upperclassman in high school. Trust me, I should be an expert on this topic. I went on 12 college tours from New York to Tennessee to Florida. Yes, that means a lot of road trips, a lot info sessions, and a lot of brochures. But they were a lot of fun too! Getting to walk around a college campus and imagine what my future there could look like was so surreal. Today I’m sharing my tips for getting the most out of your college visits!   1. Do your research. University of Maryland- College Park I had a master spreadsheet that was absolutely insane. I finally deleted it a few months ago, but I wish I kept it so I could show you what I mean! Start early and make a relaxed list of any school […]

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Why Being Out-Of-State Is Secretly The Best


I don’t regret my decision to move hours away from home one bit. I always knew I wanted to go to school outside of Maryland, so much so that I went on tours from New York to Tennessee to Florida. I know I’m close enough that I can drive home when I really need to, unlike two of my suitemates who have to take planes home (Hawaii and Texas!), but living even just a few states away is basically an entirely different world. The miles between these two worlds are some of my favorite things to call my own. Today I’m sharing why, if you’re an out-of-state student, you’re secretly living the dream! 1. You gain a newfound independence. via I’ve always been a very independent person. Well, as independent as you can be while still being afraid to go to the store by yourself. Coming to college made me […]

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To My Future Little


Dear Future Little, You don’t know me yet, but when the universe finally brings us together I will be the over-eager sister you didn’t know you had. I really believe that we are meant to find each other; I can’t wait to talk to you for the first time at recruitment, all the while knowing the amazing journey that you are about to embark on. Getting a big was definitely one of the highlights of my candidacy period. I don’t have any biological sisters, so being introduced to my new family of sisters was amazing. I love my big so much; getting to know her over the past year has been great and I know she will always be there for me. #FamGoals I want you to know that you can come to me with anything. Even though crying makes me even more awkward than usual (who knew that was […]

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