12 Things To Do The Summer Before Starting College

Things To Do The Summer Before Starting College

These past two years in college have been the most transformative years I’ve ever had. I like to think I kinda sorta have my life together at this point (we’ll see how long that lasts 😉 ) and it all started the summer before I moved to Raleigh. The summer in between graduating high school and starting college is one of the best summers. You never have to another AP summer assignment again, aren’t working full-time, and don’t really have any big *adult* responsibilities, so there’s all this freedom to pack your days how you want to. This summer is for you. It’s for gearing up to start this new chapter of your life and winding down the old one. It’s for putting in the time to figure out what you want out of life (though obviously this will probably change later). It’s for deciding who you’ve been and who […]

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What High School Students Need To Know Before College


Earlier this week, I went back to my high school for some of my favorite teachers’ “alumni day.” This day is meant for some of our school’s graduated students now living it up in college to come back and share what they’ve learned with the current high school students sitting in seats we were in just a few short years ago. College has changed my life for the better in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined. I love talking to students about to embark on their own journey because they’re so full of wonder, anticipation, and potential! Today I’m sharing my 9 most important points that high school students should know before stepping onto the campus of their new home.   1. If you graduate with a feeling of entitlement, the real world will laugh in your face. Let’s start off pretty blunt, shall we? Nobody, and I repeat, nobody […]

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10 Reasons Going To A Big School Is The Best


When I was looking at colleges, I knew I absolutely wanted to go to a big school. I went to a pretty average high school (a lot bigger than some, a lot smaller than others), but I was ready to go bigger. I was dead-set on going out of state, so I figured- why not go all out and get the biggest, loudest, best college experience I could find? Well, I didn’t end up at the biggest college out there (we’re the 64th biggest, that’s something right??). I’m now finishing up my third semester here at NC State and I love life at this school so much. I couldn’t imagine a better decision or a better fit for me than right here. I attribute a lot of this to the school’s size because with size and quality, everything else readily follows. Today, I want to share everything I love about […]

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How To Make The Most Of College Tours


College visits are some of the most exciting (and terrifying) things about being an upperclassman in high school. Trust me, I should be an expert on this topic. I went on 12 college tours from New York to Tennessee to Florida. Yes, that means a lot of road trips, a lot info sessions, and a lot of brochures. But they were a lot of fun too! Getting to walk around a college campus and imagine what my future there could look like was so surreal. Today I’m sharing my tips for getting the most out of your college visits!   1. Do your research. University of Maryland- College Park I had a master spreadsheet that was absolutely insane. I finally deleted it a few months ago, but I wish I kept it so I could show you what I mean! Start early and make a relaxed list of any school […]

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