8 Tips For Healthy Aging | Guest Post

8 Tips For Healthy Aging

You may have just read that title and been like “I’m 20. Why should I be concerned with aging when that’s years away?” Well, let me tell you. One of the most crucial times to pay attention to your health is right now! The habits you do today are setting up your future, either for better or for worse. This list may seem simple to some, but all are things you should recognize as contributing to your aging process. Today, Beth Martel of Healthy Recharge is going to share her tips for how to age gracefully and maintain that youthful health! Aging is a natural process. All of us are gradually aging each day either physically, mentally, or by heart. The fortunate part is we do have control over this process to a certain extent. It can be worsened and it can be glorified as well by our efforts each […]

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How To Get Your Life Together


I’m so excited to bring you all our very first guest post! Today, one of my good friends, Lauren of Experience Exhilaration, is giving you ten steps to help you get your life together when it seems like everything is falling apart. Fun fact: she makes an appearance in one of my older posts discussing reconnecting and maintaining friendships. She’s an incredible writer and always has such thought-provoking perspectives, so I promise you it’ll be good. 🙂 Take it away, Lauren! Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I am a psychology student at the University of Maryland. My current field of interest is in biological psychology/neuroscience! I love to share my own experiences in life and learn about others’ experiences. I am a strong believer in learning from the many individuals whose paths you cross. Random fact: I love cupcakes 🙂   How to get your life together: from […]

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