10 Years Of Writing To Someone I’ve Never Met


This upcoming new year will mark an important milestone for me and a unique person in my life- I’ve been writing to a girl I’ve never met for the past ten years. It all started in fifth grade when my language arts class paired with another class in Illinois. We sent letters throughout the school year to a student in the opposite class, our new pen pal. I wrote my first letter to Kendra and, a short time later, it all became real when I got one back! I am so grateful that my teacher gave us this opportunity because it’s given me this different dimension to my life and it’s been a blast! Kendra knows all of the big (and little and sometimes even minor 😉 ) things that go on in my life. We don’t have to pretend to be someone we’re not. We can write with authenticity […]

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What To Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed


Can I just say that classes this year went from 0 to 100 real quick? In addition to all new subjects to deal with, I have more extra curricular and work responsibilities than I’ve ever had before. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret any of those responsibilities; I’m gaining great leadership experience and having a lot of fun in the process. This, however, means that I have a lot more on my plate. I need to manage my time even more specifically to meet my various deadlines. I’m also finding myself sleep-deprived, stressed, and overwhelmed more regularly. Life shouldn’t be so exhausting all of the time. You shouldn’t have to go through your days feeling like there’s too much for you to handle. “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” -Rikki Rogers I know you can handle […]

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Why Being “Special” Is A Scam


I’m going to be blunt. You aren’t special. You aren’t even a little bit better than everyone else around you. You might have a 5.0 GPA and be valedictorian. You might be captain of the varsity soccer team. You might be class president or prom queen or the most popular girl in school. You might have been employee of the month every month since you started working. You might have been the essay every teacher used as an example for the rest of the class. You might have gotten your driver’s license in one go. Your parents might have bought you a car on your sixteenth birthday (when you can’t even drive yourself yet, I’ll never understand this). But you aren’t special and you certainly aren’t superior to the rest of the world.   “Contrary to what your u9 soccer trophy suggests, your glowing seventh grade report card, despite every assurance […]

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Skype Dates and Old Friends

Skype Dates And Old Friends

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of skyping with one of my very good friends from home. It’s so good to be able to catch up with someone so special to me, especially with only being able to see each other a few times a year. I can count on one hand the number of friends I had in high school, even less for those that I still keep up with. It’s well-known, however, that quality trumps quantity any day. And this girl right here- Summer Hiking, 2016 is without a doubt one of my favorite people. I’ve read online somewhere (of course I can’t find it now, but trust me on this) that it takes six to seven years to truly know someone. That’s a long time. But it’s so true. I’ve had friendships that didn’t make it past going to a different school. Sometimes we just went […]

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Social Media, Self-Worth, And You

Social Media and Self-Worth

Social media has evolved to play such a large role in our daily life. It allows us to keep in touch with friends and family all over the country (or the world). We can see breaking news up-to-the-minute at the same time as a puppy learning to trust fall. This is great and all, but social media also has a dark side. “The more you get connected to Facebook, the stronger you feel that the items you post — the pictures, for example — are part of your identity and the more likely you are going to view these as your virtual possessions” via Tracking Likes How many times have you gone back to your newly uploaded profile picture to see how many likes you got and, more specifically, who thought your picture was worthy of their like? How often do you go back and edit a status to “find […]

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How To Keep Up With Current Events While At School

current events

It can be hard to keep up with the world while in college. Since pretty much everything you need is right on campus, you may not find yourself out in the world as often as you’d like. When I first moved to school I completely lost touch with world events. I’d see the really, really big stuff on Facebook every now and then, but I was pretty much clueless about everything else. A few months in, I started to pick up on various news sources and began to get reconnected with the world and its happenings. Today I want to share how you can do the same! 1. Sign up for the Skimm newsletter. The Skimm is probably the best resource for college students looking to stay up to date. It’s an email newsletter that is sent out early every weekday morning with the latest news in an easy-to-read style. […]

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My Bucket List

bucket list

I’ve always wanted to make a bucket list. Of course I have ideas and goals floating around in my head, but I’ve never made anything tangible to hold me accountable to any of them. Today I’m sharing (in no particular order) my list of must-dos before I die! Learn sign language Become fluent in Spanish Live in Spain for an extended period of time Travel to all 50 states Go parasailing Go on a spontaneous “great American road trip” Perfect a go-to dinner and dessert recipe Go to a drive-in movie Learn “Cups” from Pitch Perfect Get a tattoo Learn “Alphabet Aerobics” (search it on youtube!) Have a movie/dinner date with myself Learn to play chess Get my doctorate in *something* Go to a midnight movie premier Run a race Perfect the cat eye See a Broadway show Watch the sun rise/set from a roof Learn to solve a Rubik’s […]

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