Why I Don’t Support The College Drinking Culture

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Happy Halloween! I decided I would have this post go live today because, in college, “Halloween” is basically equivalent with “party” and we all know that “party” to students is basically equivalent with “alcohol.”

So I’m going to come right out and say it.

I don’t drink.

I don’t have the desire to drink and frankly I’m too lazy to go find someone over 21 or get a fake ID to do so anyway.

I honestly don’t have much respect for underage students who go out, party, and get drunk every other day. I really don’t have much respect for those who go out and get completely wasted, period, and I definitely don’t have much respect for those who feel the need to broadcast their solo cups across social media for their friends to think they’re living the dream life. What’s the deal with all of these pictures of beer bottles anyway? You know employers can see that kind of stuff, which can really affect your chances of getting hired, especially as a young professional.


I understand that you’re suddenly handed all of this freedom once you get to college (well, handed the freedom after you pay the $40,000 tuition bill, #OutOfStateStruggles, am I right?). I get that you feel even more independent once you move out of the dorm and don’t have any authority figures breathing down your neck, but throwing caution to the wind and getting trashed is, in my opinion, just sad. You aren’t automatically “cool” just because you stayed out until 3am. I really don’t even think there’s such a thing as being “cool” in college.

I’m not impressed by your alcohol.

I actually feel kind of bad for you if you think the way to impress me or make me “envious” of your social life is to tell me about that time you blacked out with your friends or to send me pictures of all of the shots you’ve got lined up for the night.

You want to impress me? You want me to be amazed or intrigued or inspired?

Tell me about the time you lived in another country. Show me the dress you sewed yourself. Mention you got a promotion at work or an A on your physics test or an invitation to a special conference. I couldn’t care less about how many mixed drinks you’re able to handle before you throw up or that you won the drinking game at the tailgate; I care about your leadership, your service, your professionalism, your values, and your initiatives. I care about your substance, not the substance you put into your body.

I’m all for experiences over materialism, but you should be able to remember those experiences.


This past weekend, my social media feeds were taken over by bars and house parties.

I’m not saying you have to stay in every Friday night with Netflix and pizza (*cough* like I do *cough*), especially on a holiday. If parties are your idea of a good time, more power to you. But if you need alcohol to enjoy yourself, maybe you need to focus more on some self-love. Getting drunk in order to have that boost of confidence is not healthy, physically or mentally. Put sober you ahead of drunk you or, better yet, eliminate drunk you entirely. Transfer that confidence to your daily, sober life and your world will change so much!

It’s also extremely important to remember that you do not have to drink just because everyone around you is.

I’ve never felt pressured into doing anything I didn’t want to do. Maybe it’s because I don’t spend my nights in a frat house or at a club or maybe I just surround myself with good people, but even if that’s the lifestyle you enjoy, remember that everything you do should be 100% your decision. If the reason you participate in the stereotypical college drinking culture is because you feel like you have to, you’re doing college wrong.

“College is where you can find yourself. Do not change yourself for people who do not accept the real person you are.” via


This isn’t some lecture condemning drinking entirely. If you’re over 21, good for you; if you want that drink with dinner, go for it. But please handle your alcohol like the respectable adult you graduated high school to be.


~What’s your go-to, sober, good time?


Get social!

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  • I used to love going to parties in college and not drinking – just hanging out with my friends sober, having a great time, and being able to remember it the next day were my jam. So on board with you, girl!

    • Amanda Reigel

      I bet the memories are great to think back on! Thanks for reading <3

    • I bet you have some great memories to think back on too! Thanks for reading! <3

  • Way to stick to your beliefs, girl. That’s very admirable that you live your life according to your own standards and not according to what everyone around you is doing. I especially resonate with learning about people’s substance and unique interests, love that!

    • The depth to people’s personalities and overall being is so important and relevant when talking about so many different things! I love getting to know what makes a person who they are, you know? Thanks for reading!

  • Tameeka A McIntosh

    Yes!! I totally agree with your stance and view. Here in Australia drinking is such a cultural thing and happens in nearly every and all social situations. (we had a family dinner last night and two of my brother in-laws knocked back drink after drink after drink on a weeknight!!) It can be so hard to navigate and stick to your own convictions sometimes. You are so right that our substance as a person is so much more important. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • It’s so interesting to compare this generational culture to different cultures around the world- I didn’t even think of that! Thanks for the insight <3