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To my dad on the day after Father’s Day…

I am so, so lucky to have such an amazing father! Dad, Daddy, Father, etc all have slightly different connotations, but you fit all of them. You’re the fun dad grilling steaks and playing basketball with the family. You’re the daddy a little girl could count on and look up to. You’re the strong father keeping our lives together and tackling the hard subjects with us when we just want to give up.



You would play Barbies with me even though now you often tell me how much you hated it. You may not have liked it, but you dealt with it anyway (albeit unenthusiastically 😉 ) just to spend the time with me.

You forced me to face my fears. From throwing me off the edge of the pool to pushing me down the hill on a bike to making me drive your truck on the highway, you always believed in me before I believed in myself. I’m an anxiety-ridden mess sometimes, but you (usually 😉 ) keep your cool; you don’t know how much that makes a difference.

You were my personal math tutor for years and now I’m on my way to getting an engineering degree. I think you somehow knew I would end up in STEM, even though I was dead set on being a teacher for practically my entire life. There’s too much engineer in me and that must be why we’re so similar (I’ll finally admit it).


You taught me the value of hard work, both from the office to out doing yard work. You make sure you always do accurate, quality work the first time despite any extra hours it may take. You’ll stay later at work because you value a job done well. And it doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, you’ll always be out there getting done what needs to be done. You make it known that we aren’t entitled to anything we didn’t earn and that’s a life outlook I wish more people had.

You showed me what true love looks like. I have high standards because I grew up with you to show me how a husband is supposed to treat his wife. From you, I know the difference between a boy and a man, but you will always be the one I loved first.


“A father’s job is not to teach his daughter how to be a lady. It’s to teach her how a lady should be treated.”


Now that I’m an adult (that’s scary isn’t it) and away at college, you encourage me to develop my own opinions. You know I’ve always valued what you thought, but you still want to see me think for myself first. We may not always agree anymore, but you continue to challenge me and force me to build a strong argument. It’s hard to win a debate with you, but it’s always enjoyable anyway!

You’re still there for me, doing my taxes, checking over my car when I come home, and laughing at me when I call you for tech support because computers frustrate me. You still proofread my cover letters and give me all the advice for anything professional and career-related.


I definitely have that engineering mind, just like you. I’m *sometimes annoyingly* logical and a perfectionist. I’m stubborn, particular, and a hardcore planner. I appreciate clean and everything has its place. I’m just like you and, you know what, I don’t think I see that as a bad thing. 😉

To me, you’re superman. You may do some probably-not-a-good-idea-please-don’t-die things, like standing on the ledge and leaning over the stairs to take down a picture frame or cutting down a huge tree by yourself, but I still see you as invincible. You can do anything. You’re the strongest and the fastest and the smartest.


I love that we all know your little Dad dance when you’re happy. We know your good morning song by heart. We know you’re content watching a movie in your Dad chair with your Cheez-Its in hand. We remember (but don’t necessarily understand) your obsession with Snoopy’s hot dogs. You’re unapologetically you and that makes us, us.

You sacrifice so much for us and don’t hear thank you as much as you deserve.

Thank you for everything. Love you forever!


“I am a princess not because I have a prince, but because my father is a king.”


~What’s the best thing you’ve learned from your father?


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