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8 Tips For Healthy Aging
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You may have just read that title and been like “I’m 20. Why should I be concerned with aging when that’s years away?” Well, let me tell you. One of the most crucial times to pay attention to your health is right now! The habits you do today are setting up your future, either for better or for worse. This list may seem simple to some, but all are things you should recognize as contributing to your aging process.

Today, Beth Martel of Healthy Recharge is going to share her tips for how to age gracefully and maintain that youthful health!


Aging is a natural process. All of us are gradually aging each day either physically, mentally, or by heart. The fortunate part is we do have control over this process to a certain extent. It can be worsened and it can be glorified as well by our efforts each day. Have you ever seen elderly ladies and gentlemen and just been mesmerized by how youthful they look and sound? This process is roughly referred to as healthy aging.

The healthy aging lifestyle is the borderline to prevent you from chronic later age diseases such as Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart diseases, and blood pressure issues as well.

Here, we have listed 8 tips for healthy aging. All of them basically require a bit of consistent effort and willpower. They are all facts but we often do not think of them with the aspect of aging. Let us look at them and see if you are in the safe zone:


1. Stop Smoking

If you ask us only one thing that really has to be done for healthy aging, we would ask you to stop smoking. Smoking exposes you to tobacco and nicotine, both of which are extremely harmful to health. The act of smoking ruins your lungs, heart, and brain faster than the aging process itself. Smokers are also more likely to have early signs of aging such as severe hair loss and wrinkles on the face.


2. Regular Exercise

A human body is just like a machine that depreciates faster if not in use; therefore physical and mental activity is inevitable for all of us. The world of technology has turned most of us into couch potatoes. We need to stop this excessive reliance on technology. Regular exercise will keep the bones strong and healthy in the long run. You must include 20-30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine such as cardio, weightlifting, stretching, etc.


3. Cut Down on Drinking

For healthy aging, you should also limit your alcohol intake. Drinking too much on a regular basis can lead to serious consequences. Alcohol can affect your immune system, liver, and the brain significantly in the long run.


4. Minimize Stress

Reduce your stress level. Try to avoid the negativities around and focus on the good. The most important thing is to take control of what you can change and accept what you cannot. Also, minimize stress by being more productive at work in a given time so you have more time to enjoy.


5. Eat Well

Eat healthier food, especially green, leafy vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants. Try to incorporate wholesome foods in your diet and cut down on junk.


6. Seek Advice from a Doctor

It is important to take care of your body and visit a doctor when you are feeling or experiencing any change. Keep a check on your blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels. If you feel any unusual symptoms, go to a doctor and discuss.


7. Pursue a Passion

A great way to be happy is engaging yourself in something you love. Find your passion and enjoy doing it. You will live more fully and brightly.


8. Be Connected

Be alive in your social circle. Value your relations. Hang out with friends and find some time for family. Emotional support is most important for healthy life.


By adopting these healthy tricks and tips you can slow down your aging process. These tips will not only let you enjoy a healthy life but also earn you praise and admiration in your circle, especially of the younger ones who will definitely start seeing you as an ideal of beautiful aging.


beth martel



This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional, and a humanitarian. She blogs at www.HealthyRecharge.com.




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~What do you do to stay healthy?

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