How I’m Breaking The Sorority Stereotype

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I saw this post from HerCampus the other day and, while I don’t always agree with everything HerCampus posts, I really enjoyed reading about the goals and accomplishments of a few sorority women at the University of Iowa.

If you get one thing out of this, let it be the following- there is such a big difference between saying “sorority girl” and “sorority woman.” Sorority girls are the stereotypical characters we see all the time in movies and TV shows, but they’re just that- characters. Sorority women, on the other hand, are the real-life college students taking the world by storm.

“Sorority women should not be defined by the opinions of uneducated individuals, and they should not have to face ridicule and judgmental looks for simply wearing their letters in public.¬†These women deserve more respect than that…”

Claire Carlson, HerCampus article author

These women deserve more respect than that because they give so much to their organization, their school, and their community. The dedication required in Greek Life is unparalleled. We commit our time, energy, money, and creativity to our sisterhoods because they are so worth it.


I’m a part of a professional engineering sorority, so naturally we’re all about the STEM outreach! We are growing our involvement with FIRST Lego Robotics and seeing how smart and creative these kids are has been amazing.


We don’t just do community service, we have so much fun with it!

I know I don’t know everything about every Greek organization out there. What I can say for certain, however, is that joining a sorority changed my life completely for the better. I gained an amazing second family of support, encouragement, philanthropy, professionalism, connections, and leadership. I wear my letters proudly, daring anyone to to speak against the organization I have so much love and pride for.


Supporting the great women who were recognized at the Outstanding Women’s Awards by our school’s Panhellenic Council

So, taking inspiration from the article that opened this post, here’s how I’m breaking the negative stereotype surrounding sorority women today:


Hi! My name is Amanda and I am a sorority woman. This past summer, I pursued a professional connection to secure an internship at a consulting firm for electric utilities. My ultimate career goal is to become an Imagineer for the Walt Disney Company after I finish my studies in civil engineering. I’m a member of the University Honors Program and strive to continue my current path to graduating with an honors degree.

I spent my first college spring break underneath a house in rural Appalachia without any cell service, make-up, or clothes other than old jeans and t-shirts. I got to see a local family become more comfortable around us, gained new confidence in construction, and learned the importance of appreciating what you have while living in the moment.


Habitat for Humanity

I’m also an ambassador/mentor for a group of new international freshmen on campus. These students have traveled to another country all on their own to get a top-notch education. They’ve voluntarily been dropped in a culture completely foreign to them that speaks a language they may not always understand. Not only is their courage simply amazing, but they’ve been awesome to talk to. Watching them enthusiastically tell me about their cultures and hometowns makes me so happy.

I love spending Friday nights watching Netflix with my roommate and going to bed early. I love brunch and science and well-timed puns. I love being out in the crisp morning air.


Baking cookies with my favorite roomies <3

I’m shy and have struggled with anxiety. I don’t drink and I’ve never been to a wild party. I live for driving with the windows down and my country station loud.

I live to uphold the ideals and objectives of my sorority every day.


“My letters don’t make me better than you. They make me better than who I used to be.”


~How are you helping to break the stereotypes surrounding Greek life?


//First Installment in the Sorority Series!


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