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We cross paths with thousands of people in our lifetime.

We know the names of a fraction of that.

We get to know even less.

Subtract from those and we have friends, though only a select few, an elite, become some of our closest. They become our lifelong brothers and sisters.

These people make up who we are. They make up a special part of us that no one can take away. The boys and girls I talk about today, now amazing men and women, have all been extremely important in my life. I think about them all the time and our sweet memories will never fade away.

Here, you will find friendship. I will try and give you a glimpse into these beautiful people.

You will gather the meaning of a best friend, those you love with all your heart. You will see that sometimes letting someone go in one chapter of your life is more meaningful and special than seeing a friendship deteriorate in another. Above all, you will see that an inner circle expands and retracts as you grow into yourself. Together, we met at various stages of our lives and grew into who we are today.

Whether time, distance, or different life paths keep us apart, these people with whom I’ve had the honorable pleasure of getting to know will always rule my world. They are the kings and queens I couldn’t imagine a life without. Read with your own special monarchs in mind and remember how much they mean to you. Never let them forget it. Love lasts through thick and thin and these people will always be a part of your history.

And with that I present to you, my kings and queens <3



006 - Copy

To think we met in a makeshift dressing room for a kindergarten play when we realized we had the exact same underwear… for real, is that not true friendship? Childhood friends are so pure; your priorities and outlook on life are completely different from once you become a teenager, and reasonably so. We may not have realized it then, but those friends would be instrumental in setting up how we would be in the future. Bonds as kids are special because you don’t really have to think about it. There’s no overthinking or over-analyzing; you just know that you both are best friends and that’s that.

Meagan, my elementary school BFF, one who I could never want to forget. I may not have run into you in a while (considering neither one of us are in Maryland anymore), but I hope you’re still chasing your dreams and following your passion. You were never afraid to be yourself and we had some awesome years together. Our sleepovers consisted of playstation, trading cards, truth or dare, and a ton of other random stuff you only do with your without-a-doubt best friend in elementary school. We connected without texting or Facebook; I mean, we were kids in the early 2000s so we didn’t really have a choice, but still 😉 We wrote plays in third grade to perform for the class. We created and ran the first fifth-grade classroom library. You taught little me what a true friend should be like. You’re such an interesting person and I hope you know I’ll always be cheering for you.



The boy from next door. No, I’m serious, he really did live next door.

I didn’t have that many kids my own age in our neighborhood growing up. You never really know what the neighbors are going to be like, but it can be a pretty safe bet that the kids will somehow wind up as friends; I’m really glad we had such a positive experience.

You were the one I could always count on to go exploring in the woods behind our houses, even after that one time you tried to convince me since you tried to kill a spider and missed, it would remember you and make it its mission to find you next time we went back in. Having you come over for daycare for that period of time was always a good time and we made the best forts downstairs. Although you’ve since moved away and I have no clue what path you’re going to take in life, I hope you do it with heart. You were set to graduate high school last year; I hope you step out of your comfort zone, find your people, and keep doing you. I wish you nothing but the best!




To be completely honest, I’m not even sure how we met. We were both extremely weird middle schoolers in the same homeroom, so that probably had something to do with it. 😉

Weirdness aside though, the class and sophistication this girl puts out is inspiring. She’s extremely well-spoken (see her guest post here!), super smart, and so caring. We can go from insane nostalgia to hardcore encouragement to the big questions of life without awkwardness. She’s the one you can text with sarcasm and know it will be received the right way. We may have had a brief period of simply growing apart in the early high school years, but I am so, so, so grateful we found our way to each other again. With complete sincerity, this is the kind of girl you keep for a lifetime.

Lauren, I so admire how you carry yourself. You are who you are (aka completely fabulous), you don’t put up with any ridiculousness, and you appreciate the little beauties in life. You will tell it like it is, but your compassion and attitude towards bettering society is well-needed. You’ve always been so supportive of me and I know you won’t blow off anything I have to tell you. We may be states apart, but with text and Skype, the distance doesn’t seem so far. I can’t wait to see what you do because your future is incredibly bright!



This guy was the first coworker I worked up the courage to actually introduce myself to at my first job in high school. It came as a surprise to me that he was into introducing himself too, since that unimpressed, why-are-you-talking-to-me, I-don’t-know-you tone many high-school kids have when talking to people of their same age is so common. Some of the biggest blessings in life come with taking a little step out of you comfort zone to meet someone new and simply meeting him was that first step into a life-changing, self-reflection-altering outlook.

Oh RC, how I wish we stayed connected. You may have been in my life for the shortest amount of time compared to the others here, but you still had a ground-breaking impact. You encouraged me to open up to you and I knew I could tell you anything- and I did; you are still the only person to know everything, and I mean literally everything, about me. You grew my self-confidence. You debated with such an intelligent mind while still maintaining your values for what truly matters in life. You do the important things with passion and I hope you know I’m so proud of you. I may not know what you’re up to these days, but I’m confident you’re going to find a way to make your difference in the world; you certainly made a difference in mine.



IMG_7520 (1)

I met this girl on the bus headed to our first day of middle school. Turns out she had moved into an old friend’s house in my neighborhood. We’ve done so much together in the years following that moment. We were those…well…special kids that made sure the entire bus knew that we knew the entire Bob the Builder theme song, with our favorite hand people and inside jokes that would make people look at us like we have two heads (I’m lumping the Mr. Lloyd look into this 😉 ).

We grew up a bit by high school while still maintaining that quirkiness that defined us as a duo. We may have completely different personalities in some respects, but it works for us and everyone knows it. It was hard to find one of us without the other and I wouldn’t want to go through school any other way. I mean, we’re going to out-of-state schools only two hours apart- destiny, right?

Friend! The growth I’ve seen in both of us from our cringe-worthy, omg-why-were-we-like-that sixth grade selves to running the world senior year of high school to #adulting in college is unprecedented. What’s even more amazing is the fact that we’ve stayed together through all of the ups and downs over the years. You don’t just enter a room, you command it. You know how to hold your own no matter who you’re talking to, whether it be a random old guy at the mall, a typical high-school jock, some jerk at the club, or a scary eighth grader at the back of the bus. You’re so smart and you’re not afraid of hard work. I couldn’t have asked for a better BFFLAAL (are those all the letters? We had a long string at some point lol). Go rule the world, girl, because I know you can.




Abby will forever be my proof that random roommates aren’t always terrible. Fate must have had it all planned out for us or something! I’ve already written a lot about my roommate (which you can read here), but her outlook on life and passionate values are always a breath of fresh air. Our room is always a sunny place; yes, even when it smells like old Chick-fil-A with hair tumbleweeds covering the carpet.

Here, there’s no judgement for randomly collapsing on the floor, spinning to the microwave, losing phones on the bed, or balancing things on heads. We may have our own personal ups and downs, but everything has always been made better for me when I finally finish the trek across campus to our room.

Fave roomie, and I’m not just saying that because you’ve been my only rooomie 😉 I honestly don’t know how these past nearly two years have worked out so well for us considering it was all started completely by chance! We’re so similar, but yet so different. Knowing I get to go back to the room after a late class to rehash the day and watch The Walking Dead with you can always turn a bad day around.

My roommates have always been my one consistency in college friendships and, at the end of the day, those are the people I will always want to come home to. After all, they’re my college family and I couldn’t imagine sharing this experience with anyone else.


“It’s the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey”


~How have your best friends changed your life?

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