What I Learned (And Loved) About Moving South

moving south
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Ah, the land of southern belles and southern gentlemen. The land of monograms and tailgating and biscuits with gravy. Moving to the south is definitely like moving to a different world if you’re not familiar with the lifestyle; I certainly wasn’t. Here’s what the South has taught me and what I love about being here!

1. They take life a lot slower.


This new, slower atmosphere actually played a notable role in coming up with the identity of this blog! I love how people take time to really savor the moment and appreciate the present. Now I know downtown Raleigh on a Friday night is packed and this may not always ring true; however, in my day to day life going to class and running errands and just sitting and watching what’s going on around me I’ve noticed that people pay attention to who they’re with. They’re not always running off in a rush, but just take life one minute at a time.

I think this atmosphere has really helped me in college by realizing that what will be, will be. Running around frantic all the time isn’t going to get me any further. If I just chill out for a second and take a breath, I can really appreciate this beautiful life I’ve been given.

2. Chivalry isn’t dead.

My first impression of people when touring schools in this area was how nice they are! They’re more than willing to stop and chat with you. I know I’ve always felt my mood be significantly lifted after a stranger strikes up a conversation with me; there’s something about the way it makes you feel like you’re valued that can really turn your whole day around. And yes, I believe the whole “southern gentlemen” stereotype is definitely true 😉

3. They know their way around food.


My first perfect waffle I made at the dining hall. I live for brunch.

They go all out when it comes to food. We don’t care about some fad diet, we’re going to eat our fried chicken and macaroni and cheese with our gallon of sweet tea and we’re going to enjoy it. For tea, once you go southern, you never go back. And grits? Who knew I of all people would like them. No shame.

4. Football is super serious.


My first NC State football game!

Don’t mess with the Panthers fans guys. They’re. die. hard. Tailgates and pre-games start hours before kick off. I didn’t know I could enjoy football so much until I stepped foot in the NC State student section. We actually got our identity as the Wolfpack because the football team was once referred to as a pack of wolves at games! #represent

5. Passion is everything.

I’ve noticed that people are a lot more open with their strong personal values, especially their faith and their family. They give their heart and soul to those important to them and I really admire that. I love being surrounded by such motivated and inspired people. It’s second-hand encouragement and it’s actually really effective!


All in all, I love it here. The accents? Swoon. Cowboy boots and sun dresses? Super cute. I think it’s great to go to school in or move to a completely different culture because it makes you feel like you have a second home. The atmosphere here is nothing like it is back home and it makes me appreciate both of them so much more. You build your own identity in each place and it helps you grow into who you really are.


~What experiences have you had in your “second home”?

moving south

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