For The Love Of Love

For The Love Of Love
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Love is the most powerful thing. It’s encompassed in so much positivity, trust, and kindness that you can find it behind almost anything. Love is what will change the world so, for the love of love, fall in love with everything about this beautiful life we live!

*p.s. Let’s see how many times I can use the word “love” in a sentence 😉


Fall in love with the sun.

the sun is a reminder


I’m always partial to the sun, since I’m so obsessed with mornings. It represents new beginnings and brings brightness to our world (literally). The sun is the most beautiful when most of its audience is still asleep, but yet it recognizes its own beauty and shines with all it has anyway. You can learn so much from the rise of the sun and you can learn so much about yourself by spending that early dawn together, just you and him, the early breeze and the waking chirps of the birds.

When you fall in love with the sun, you fall in love with the promise of a new day and a new opportunity. You fall in love with the idea that you too are fierce and won’t let anyone dim the light inside of you.


Fall in love with the moon.

moon love


The moon may be the brightest in the darkness, but it is always a symbol of light. It’s a consistent comfort (as the moon can usually be seen during the day), so let it be your inspiration that you can be beautifully out of place and appreciated for all that you are.

When you fall in love with the moon, you fall in love with yourself at every stage of your journey. The moon is just as stunning in one phase as it is in another; she shines without question, shines without looking back and without worry about the future. You fall in love with the strength and the courage you have even when darkness seems to consume you. Fall in love with the moon because it knows the deepest parts of you. The sun may see all you do, but the moon knows all of your secrets (via).


Fall in love with people.

artistic love people


All we have in this world is each other. There’s something so beautiful about the bonds we hold with one another. We make a difference in each other’s lives. People are proof that we don’t have to go through this life alone- we always have someone, somewhere even if we think we don’t know them.

When you fall in love with people, you fall in love with human connection. You fall in love with random check-out line conversations, 3am life talks, awkward and silent elevator rides, street performers, service groups, everyone. You fall in love with laughter and vulnerability. You fall in love with how easy it is to meet someone, later to wonder how you could ever live life without them. You fall in love with how just one conversation with one random person you may never see again can change your life forever.


Fall in love with your body.

love your body


Your body is such a precious gift. Everything about it is simply incredible and you should treat it as a treasure. You don’t need to stand in front of the mirror for an hour, looking for every single imperfection because it’s the imperfect that’s truly perfect. What we see in the media is not real. That world is looking to tear you down for a profit, but you can’t let them hide away your beauty.

When you fall in love with your body, you fall in love with your newfound confidence. You fall in love with dressing the way that makes you feel good, that helps you keep your head held high knowing how gorgeous you are. You fall in love with the power of positive touch. You fall in love with colors and patterns and dresses with pockets (!!!). You fall in love with all body positivity. You become so in love with who you are, that you work tirelessly to make sure everyone else realizes that same sentiment for themselves.


Fall in love with who you are.

carry so much love


I know there’s this saying floating around that you can’t learn to love anything until you learn to love yourself. Well, I say that’s not completely true. You have so much love and you give so much to the world. You know how to love the things around you. Your heart is full, regardless of whether you feel that way. I say, loving the world around you helps you to love yourself. It teaches you the discipline for a mindset of appreciation. It teaches you that everyone and everything deserves love, including you. You are worth so much and when you finally come to that realization, the flood of relief and overwhelming gratitude is more than you ever thought you’d be able to have.

When you fall in love with yourself, the feeling that you need to change who you are won’t be constantly attacking you. You fall in love with what you stand for, what your strengths are, and even how you can improve. You enjoy self-reflection, but you do it constructively. When you love who you are, you finally fall in love with all that this world gives you.


Fall in love with life.

You also know I basically live in life-is-beautiful cliches (even though they’re 1000% true). You honestly can’t complain about life because you are alive. You are alive, breathing, living life. I am so obsessed with the above video (I watch it almost everyday, no shame) and it says what I think I’m trying to get across. I promise you need to hear this- everyone needs to hear it. It’s incredibly powerful, please watch it all the way through. I’ll wait 🙂

When you fall in love with life, you have no time for hate, fear, or regret (via). You’re so caught up in gratitude and joy that you don’t have time for the negative. And when you do encounter that negative? Loving life means you take the negative as it comes and you don’t let it consume you. When you fall in love with life, your life will change for the better more than you ever could have expected.


Fall in love with love.

do everything with love


Love like there’s no such thing as hate.

Love like there’s no such thing as hurt.

Love like it’s the only thing you know how to do.


~How do you spread love to the world?

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