What All Marylanders Know To Be True

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If you know me, you know that I absolutely love meeting other people from Maryland. I don’t know if it’s a Maryland thing or if I’m just crazy, but I am obsessed with my home state! It’s actually kind of funny since I have no desire to move back there after college, but maybe the whole “distance makes the heart grow fonder” thing has some truth to it. Anyway, today I’m sharing all of the things you’ll only understand if you’re a fellow born-and-raised Marylander!


Old Bay is the original bae.



No joke, I had Old Bay on my packing list when I was getting ready to move to college. When I did a homestay in Germany, Old Bay was my host family’s gift. Old Bay oyster crackers were also a thank you gift to my roommate’s family when I stayed with them over break last year. Case in point- I feel it is my duty to share this little tin of amazing spice with everyone because it is so good.



You can put it on literally anything- fries, chicken, potatoes, popcorn, chips, pasta, corn, steak, fish, and, of course, crabs. I’ve even heard of people putting it on cupcakes and ice cream, so trust me when I say this  is a Maryland pantry staple.

Never tried it? Track me down. We’ll have an Old Bay lunch and it will be fantastic. And while I’m on the topic of crab seasoning, how could we forget about Maryland’s *rightful* obsession with…




I’m not too big of a crab fan anymore (with the exception of crab dip), but I used to absolutely love it! It’s such a bonding, celebratory food. When else can you break out the newspapers and hammers for dinner? Plus, I’ve heard any crabcake outside of Maryland is ridiculously laughable, so there’s that. 😉

We have not one, but two state sports. And both are perfect.



My favorite fun fact to share is that Maryland’s state sport is jousting. Jousting, how cool is that?



We’re pretty bomb at lacrosse too though, which is awesome. I began with rec lax when it was just starting to get going in our county and played for a little while in high school too. I wasn’t good at all, but it’s so much fun to run around with a stick and, if you’re playing men’s, go full hockey and just obliterate each other. Honestly, women’s is pretty boring to watch since we aren’t allowed to be as violent, so if you’ve never seen a game definitely check out the boys!


The football rivalries are real.



Local NFL teams might as well be a civil war in Maryland. Though I’m a lonely Miami fan, there’s definitely some football tension at home on game days! When the Colts ditched us, Marylanders relied on the Redskins for a while until the Ravens officially became a thing (or at least the entity we all know today). We haven’t been the same since! Now we have not one identity crisis to deal with, but two…


We still suffer from an identity crisis.

Mason-Dixon Line


Time to DTR am I right?

See that sign up there? Maryland is technically in the South, a fact I love arguing with my “true Southern” friends here in North Carolina. On the days we decide to be Northern for a change, the “true Northerners” laugh in our faces as well. We just can’t win.


We take it personally that Wawa isn’t nationally known.



Wawa is literally the best gas station store ever. Side-eye to you, Sheetz people, because no. Wawa trumps all. I can’t even explain it, you just have to have the experience for yourself.


You haven’t had pizza until you’ve had it in a square.



Okay, NYC and Chicago, you may be in a war over “best pizza,” but neither of you are so unique as to tackle a different shape! These little square slices have a taste all their own and they’re so good! I actually visited the original Ledo Pizza restaurant a few months ago when I visited a dear friend from home and let me say the character is still there!


We identify ourselves by county and assign judgements accordingly.


Yes, each county has their own stereotypes and yes, we make fun of all of them. Here at school, if someone from Maryland asks me what part I’m from, I don’t say my city, I say my county. Every county is…unique…and we most certainly defend our own!


One letter is more important in the National Anthem than all the rest.

It completely blew my mind that shouting the “O” during the National Anthem only happened in Maryland. It’s the coolest thing to be in a packed stadium with a bunch of Marylanders during the opening ceremonies. I mean, check it out, is it not super awesome?

People say we have a weird accent.



I personally don’t see it 😉


We take our location for granted.

I mean, a short metro ride away from the Nation’s Capital? A short drive to such fun cities as Baltimore and Annapolis? Home to all four distinct seasons, the mountains, the beach, the city, the country, and everything in between? Let’s face it, Maryland has one of the best locations in the country.

I definitely take being able to head to D.C. for the day for granted and I didn’t realize that until I moved 5 hours away. It is always a go-to for a family day, class field trip, or adventure with friends. There is always some show or festival going on and don’t even get me started on the museums, monuments, and memorials. If you’ve never been to D.C. at an age at which you could fully appreciate it, you have to go!



Inner Harbor has always been my favorite place in Baltimore!



Think it won’t take that long to walk around the National Mall? Ha. Think again.



Did you even go to school in Maryland if your senior week wasn’t to Ocean City? (unless you’re boring like me and didn’t participate in senior week. It’s fine, I’m fine..)


Our flag is most certainly better than yours.



And we make sure you know it by wearing it excessively. We display our flag everywhere. We have car magnets and laptop stickers and wall posters and leggings and socks and scarfs and jackets and keychains and headbands and bathing suits and blankets and…need I go on?


The Free State, the Old Line State, Little America, or the Home of our Nation’s Anthem — No matter what you call us, no one has more state pride than us Marylanders. With everything it has to offer, how could we not?


~Any defining Maryland stereotypes I missed?


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  • Blair Lamb

    Love this! I was Maryland born and raised, and so proud of it!

    • Nothing better than genuine love and pride! Thanks for reading <3