Why Every Woman Needs To Read “milk and honey” by Rupi Kaur

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If you spend as much time finding new quotes as I do (seriously, check out my Pinterest board), you’ve likely come across a few Rupi Kaur pieces. She’s everywhere, and with good reason! Because I found myself constantly pinning her poems, I decided I needed to have her first book, Milk and Honey.

As soon as I got my hands on it, I read the entire thing in one sitting. Granted it’s not a long read at all, but the subject matter, messages, and stories Kaur shares are so strong. They hit you hard, they resonate with you, they make you think, and they never leave you. Broken up into four different chapters (the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing), this collection takes you through so many different life experiences. It goes through the pain with you. It heals the heartache with you. It’s with you through some of the most difficult and the most beautiful moments of life. Most of all, it can serve as something to lean on, something to help carry you through whatever you need it to.


It brings attention to matters considered taboo.

the first boy that kissed me


Kaur talks about what can be hard to talk about. Her writing is personal, raw, and intimate. Many of her poems may be short, but they drive the point home in such a way as to leave you staring at the page feeling a multitude of emotions once it’s over. Topics surrounding rape, assault, abandonment, and emotional abuse are all addressed. You can feel the hurt, fear, degradation, and turmoil; every piece can stop you in your tracks. Society may like to pretend like these issues don’t exist, but people are also becoming more and more outspoken (which is great). You may not be completely comfortable with everything that is milk and honey, but that’s what makes it so transformative.


It conveys the power in being a woman.

when my mother was pregnant


Nothing about you is something to be ashamed of. You should be proud of all that your body is capable of and be proud that it’s yours. Kaur wants to break the stigma surrounding menstruation. She talks about how special pregnancy is. She mentions knowing what you want and going after it. Everything is laid out on the table. Femininity is not meant to be hidden and rendered inferior, but rather must be celebrated. She fights for unity, for women coming together, and in doing so shows how clear it is that empowering each other and lifting each other up is what will carry us all further.


It reminds you of your worth.

city (2)


Self-love is so important and this book will remind you how valuable you really are. To all the readers feeling unwanted, lost, confused, unimportant, forgotten, and everything in between, there is something in here to help you find your footing again. You can be true to yourself and nothing changes how important you are to this world. You are your own worst critic, but learning to love yourself will separate the constructive from the self-destructive trains of thought.


It reinforces that expressing gratitude and kindness is what really matters.



At the end of the day, you will be remembered for how you connected with people, how you impacted their life in some way. When you find your right state of being, your best state of mind, you can’t get away from it. The entire world becomes beautiful and glorious and something to be thankful for. Life can be hard sometimes, but we are strong enough to make it through. When we are grateful for what we have been blessed with, “happy” is not something you have to look for, it’s just something you are.


You’ll see that you aren’t alone.

i know its hard


You are never alone in anything. Heartbreak, anxiety, passion, doubt, family, it’s all in this book.

Every page is a story. This isn’t just poetry; this is life, this is the human experience. Life isn’t easy. Love isn’t easy. Understanding yourself and accepting what you find isn’t easy. Despite it all, milk and honey reminds you of your true beauty. Her words are raw, but her vulnerability is beautiful because we’ve been somewhere like her too. Humans have this amazing ability to connect with each other; so much of this book will resonate with you regardless of whether you can personally relate to everything in it.

milk and honey is a collection I will pick up time and time again. Rupi Kaur will stay with you. Wear this book out. Bookmark the pages that really speak to you, write in the margins, do whatever you need to do to get all you can out of the inspiration, understanding, love, and support being sent out of the pages.


“…and may you always practice kindness. may we see each other as one. may we be nothing short of in love with everything the universe has to offer. and may we always stay grounded. rooted. our feet planted firmly onto the earth.”


~What’s your favorite Rupi Kaur poem?

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