New Year, New Progress


Inspired by Thomas Frank’s Impossible List, Amanda Bixler’s 27 Things While I’m 27, and my own inability to ever actually complete a new year’s resolution, I’ve started this page as a way to *hopefully* hold myself accountable and have a place to check off a list of to-do’s, bucket items, and goals.

I’ve tried to come up with these activities so that I can realistically complete them in a year. For more lofty, long-term goals, check out my bucket list here. To learn more about why I’ve chosen these goals, read my post on them here!

last updated 8/12/17


1. Take a barre class
2. Attend a Wolfpack basketball game
3. Explore Charlotte, NC
4. Introduce my high school friends to Raleigh and NC State (Completed 7/28 + 8/11)

Finally got everyone here in the span of two weeks and had such an amazing time!

5. Take a beach weekend (Completed 5/27)

See it here!

6. Go hiking (for real)
7. Move out of the dorm and beyond an apartment (Completed 5/21)

It’s so nice!

8.  See a comedy show
9. Visit the Biltmore Estate in Asheville
10. Go to a midnight movie premiere
11. Finally learn how to play chess
12. Perfect a go-to recipe (Completed 7/31)

Does breakfast count? Because I’ve got a few of those up my sleeve 😉

13. Welcome my first guest post on the blog (Completed 1/12)

Check it out here!

Interested in submitting your own content? Email me at!

14. Write my first sponsored post on the blog (Completed 2/9)

Check it out here!

Interested in working together? Email me at!

15. Read all of the Harry Potter series- yes, I know I’m late to the party
16. Go to a poetry slam
17. Try some true North Carolina barbecue (Completed 6/14)

Working in construction has its perks- the guys know the best place to take you for barbecue!

18. Watch the sun rise from a blanket on the grass (Completed 6/18)

See it here!

19. Try POUND


~What do you want to accomplish in 2017?