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Yesterday, a new page went live (as you can access here or at the bar above)! It’s all about making progress on my goals during this new year. The problem with resolutions is that many people don’t make them specific enough to be attainable or even measurable. When results aren’t immediate, most people lose confidence, feel less motivated, and basically give up.

For example, take a common resolution to lose weight. Instead of making the goal “This year I want to lose weight,” change it to “This year I want to lose x pounds. I can make progress on this by making x change to my diet and doing this workout x times a week. I will measure my progress by hitting smaller milestones of losing x pounds each month.” See the difference? By making steps or mini goals for yourself, you’re more likely to stick with your resolution since you feel like you’re accomplishing things along the way.

For a basic worksheet on this kind of goal expansion, check out the freebie tab above or download the document here!


For my 2017 goals, I’ve tried to pick a few things I want to accomplish or check off my bucket list by the end of this year. They will live and evolve in the permanent page on this site, but today I’m giving a little bit more detail on each goal! Let’s get started, shall we?


1. Take a barre class

Barre workouts have been exploding in popularity in recent years. I recently discovered that the only way I’m going to work out (and do so effectively) is in a group class setting, so the trendiness and community-oriented aspects of barre seem perfect for me. I’ve heard how insanely hard these workouts are, but hopefully I can trick myself into liking them somehow if I don’t collapse first. We’ll see.

I plan to try out a barre-up studio, but if any of you have any recommendations on locations or instructors (or want to go with me 🙂 ), please let me know!


2. Attend a Wolfpack basketball game

I’m not a big sports person, but I feel like I need to see our team play at least once! I’ve worked a few games and therefore have seen the games on screen, but that’s not the same, right?


3. Explore Charlotte, NC

For such a big city in North Carolina, I’m surprised I haven’t had an excuse to visit yet. So many people at school are from Charlotte that I really want to experience all it has to offer!


4. Introduce my high school friends to Raleigh and NC State

The only people who have visited me at school so far are my immediate family, so I’m excited to play hostess for a friend or two sometime! I absolutely love my new city and I can’t wait to share that with some of my favorite people.


5. Take a beach weekend

I’m not a beach person at all, but for some reason I missed not visiting one this past year. This time, I’m definitely going to track some friends down and mini road trip it to the beach for a weekend!


6. Go hiking (for real)

I’ve only really been up in a mountain once with my roommate, but I’m not sure if that truly counts as a “hiking experience.” I hope to take a day and just spend it among the trees with someone who appreciates the little things as much as I do!


7. Move beyond an apartment and make it super cute and organized

I learned a lot from staying in an apartment by myself, but I was also completely sick of the apartment life by the end of that summer. I already signed a lease for a townhouse, so I can’t wait to finally move in, make it #housegoals, and live out my last two years of college!


8. See a comedy show

It’s hard for me to die laughing at a TV show, but seeing a comedian in person? There really can’t be anything like the atmosphere at a comedy show! Gabriel Iglesias is my favorite and I recently got tickets to see him in March, so I’m thrilled to know this one is for sure coming true soon!


9. Visit the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

I know nothing about the Biltmore except it’s pretty and all the local kids have been there. It has to be a staple attraction for North Carolina then…maybe? I need somewhere gorgeous for my Insta feed anyway so I’ll let you know how this goes. 😉


10. Go to a midnight movie premiere

This has been on my bucket list for years. Would I usually (and by usually I mean without a doubt) say that starting a movie after 9pm is insane? Yes. But again, I’m all about experiences so this is definitely something I want to be able to say I did! Now to just pick out the perfect movie…


11. Finally learn how to play chess

If you can play a killer game of chess, shout out to you! Those rapid, button-pushing, intense competitors are so smart, it’s incredible. Plus, chess is such a classy sounding game, you know?


12. Perfect a go-to recipe

Everyone who knows me knows I hate cooking. I’m not very good at it and, as an overall clumsy person, the kitchen and I do not have a very good relationship right now. At the same time though, every young person should have a go-to meal they have completely down pat and can whip up for surprise company on short notice. Being able to tackle a kitchen is certainly a step in getting your life together and what college student doesn’t want to accomplish that?


13. Welcome my first guest post on the blog

Blogging is awesome because it can be very collaborative in nature. I really want to grow this site in the next year and get to know others in the community, so what better way to do that than to bring their awesome content to you! It’s always fun to read others’ voices online, so if you’d be interested in writing a post for this site (even if you don’t have a blog yourself!), I would love to hear your ideas! Email me at!


14. Write my first sponsored post on the blog

Another thing I love about blogging is that it gives you the opportunity to work with some pretty cool companies, even if you don’t have a background in marketing. I’d love to start working with some new brands this year and I’m excited to bring some good recommendations and deals to you!


~What do you want to work on or accomplish this year?


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  • I really like the idea of setting specific goals instead of something more general that you can’t evaluate. I have some quite large goals so maybe I should try to change them a little bit.

    • Large goals are an awesome starting point! I like to think of my goals as a pyramid of sorts and as you go up the goal gets more and more specific. It definitely helps narrow down to something concrete! Thanks for reading <3