An Open Letter to Google Calendar

open letter to google calendar
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Dear Google Calendar,

Is it too early to say I love you?

Is it too forward to say how amazing we’re going to be together?

Is it too desperate to say I’d be lost without you?

I know I had pushed you aside years ago out of stubbornness and my constant ambition to do everything different from everyone else. Now I know I never truly understood all that you are, all that we have the potential to be.

You’re the one I always needed, but I just couldn’t see that you were right there in front of me. I’ve spent hours on paper planners, whiteboards, and sticky notes, but I never realized how much better life could be with you at my fingertips. You’re the most up-to-date, the most reliable, and simply the neatest.

We’ve been together for a month now and you have changed my life. You understand me like no one else. You know what’s next for me before I even realize it myself. You help me believe I have my life together (and whether or not that’s actually true, you never judge me for).

You’re the perfect mix; you’re such a colorful character, but you’re so practical. You’re so adaptable too. We can connect through the university, appointment windows, on multiple devices, on other people’s accounts, and more.

We may check in together all the time, but you understand the need for time spent apart. In fact, you help me do so; you work with me to find time between my schedule and someone else’s without batting an eye. Never mind that you don’t have any eyes (but you’re all seeing anyway, I know).

You’re always there for me. Between the sorority, work, classes, clubs, roommate responsibilities, and time set aside just to hang out, you keep me straight. I always thought people were exaggerating when they said that their online calendar is very well their life, but you’ve shown me that it’s completely true. You see such a far out future together (as do I), but you still never forget the good times we’ve had. You remember every little detail.

My friends and I could rave about you for an hour, you’re just that great. You’ve seen every aspect of my life and you handle the ups and downs right along with me. You’re the consistency I crave, the organization I thrive on, and the verification I need as I go about my day.

My dear Google Calendar, I appreciate all that you do. Thank you for being a part of my life.




~How has Google Calendar changed your life?

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