One Year Of Blogging!

One Year Of Blogging!

Happy first birthday, Sweet Tea Epiphany! One year ago today, this little blog went live. One year ago today, I hit the publish button on a site I had spent a month researching, planning, and building. One year ago today, my first few posts were pushed out for all to see. I threw myself into this completely new world (hello, blogosphere), knowing absolutely nothing about what I was doing. I’d never heard of SEO, didn’t know the first thing about copyright laws or affiliate marketing, was completely against Instagram (whaaatt, I know), and had only seen HTML/CSS briefly in an introductory course freshman year (of which I retained nothing). What I did know, however, was that I needed to write. Being in engineering, I had little opportunity to write papers and, honestly, I kind of missed it. I was living by myself (like completely by myself) for the first time […]

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So You Think You Don’t Have Time?

So You Think You Don't Have Time_

I saw the following video on Facebook a little while ago and it’s been weighing on my mind ever since. Go on, take the three minutes and watch it all the way through. I’ll just wait right here…     Powerful message right? In living out my 2017 focus word, joy, I’ve been working on being more in tune with my happiness. I make time for gratitude and I make a conscious effort to maintain a constructive mindset. What I don’t think I realized until recently, though, was how vital time is in all of that. Time (and how you spend yours) is such a big player in the secret to real contentment. That being said, let me introduce a related quote that is truly changing how I think about (and act on) things these days:   You have time for anything. You have time to pour your heart into […]

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Why Every Woman Needs To Read “milk and honey” by Rupi Kaur

Why Every Woman Should Read _milk and honey_ By Rupi Kaur-1

If you spend as much time finding new quotes as I do (seriously, check out my Pinterest board), you’ve likely come across a few Rupi Kaur pieces. She’s everywhere, and with good reason! Because I found myself constantly pinning her poems, I decided I needed to have her first book, Milk and Honey. As soon as I got my hands on it, I read the entire thing in one sitting. Granted it’s not a long read at all, but the subject matter, messages, and stories Kaur shares are so strong. They hit you hard, they resonate with you, they make you think, and they never leave you. Broken up into four different chapters (the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing), this collection takes you through so many different life experiences. It goes through the pain with you. It heals the heartache with you. It’s with you through some […]

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How I Became A Morning Person

How I Became A Morning Person-1

Mornings are my favorite part of the day! I’ve mentioned this a lot (see this, this, and this if you’re interested), but I haven’t really talked about how I gave myself the opportunity to fall in love with them! Before college, I could be in bed until 11 am if given the freedom to do so. Now, that would drive me absolutely insane. I have to be up by 8 am to not feel like I’m wasting my day away! If you like staying up late and sleeping in and that works with your lifestyle, more power to you. Today, though, I want to share how I (more or less subconsciously) became a morning person! This change, however accidental it may have been, turned out to be an unintentional contributor in making my life a much, much happier one.   Cycling Believe it or not, this was the biggest thing […]

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A Day In The Life | Summer 2017

A Day In The Life-1

Some of my favorite blog posts to read are simply about what people do every day. People fascinate me and I will gladly spend an hour reading how someone spends the same 24 hours we all get (I won’t make you do that, don’t worry). I think it’s so fun to get to know the person behind the keyboard through the combination of blogs, Instas, videos, etc. It’s amazing how we can form these connections with people we never would have met otherwise! I’ve always wanted to write a “day in the life” post and I’m actually in a pretty solid routine this summer, so get ready for everything you didn’t want to know about how I spend my typical day 😉   5:30 – 5:45 AM – Alarm Beeps (and Beeps. and Beeps.) I usually set three alarms – two at 5:30 and 5:40 on my phone and a […]

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12 Things To Do The Summer Before Starting College

Things To Do The Summer Before Starting College

These past two years in college have been the most transformative years I’ve ever had. I like to think I kinda sorta have my life together at this point (we’ll see how long that lasts 😉 ) and it all started the summer before I moved to Raleigh. The summer in between graduating high school and starting college is one of the best summers. You never have to another AP summer assignment again, aren’t working full-time, and don’t really have any big *adult* responsibilities, so there’s all this freedom to pack your days how you want to. This summer is for you. It’s for gearing up to start this new chapter of your life and winding down the old one. It’s for putting in the time to figure out what you want out of life (though obviously this will probably change later). It’s for deciding who you’ve been and who […]

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15 MORE Things I’d Rather Be Than Pretty

Things I'd Rather Be Than Pretty

I read this article from HerCampus a few months ago and it’s still on my mind, these past few weeks especially. It gives 26 words to describe someone other than just a pretty face. The point is that appearance doesn’t tell you who a person is. You’re probably rolling your eyes right now, but I really believe that. Pretty is only skin deep, but beauty is so, so much more. Pretty can only get you so far, but true beauty is so, well, beautiful. I want everyone to fall in love with your character, with how you make a difference for people, with who you are. You’re the total package, so why don’t we ever acknowledge that? I don’t want little girls to wonder if they’re pretty because that’s so subjective. I don’t want them to go through life ever doubting themselves. I want them to live with confidence. I want them to see what […]

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Mom | Everything I Am, I Owe To You


To my momma… I don’t know what I would do without you. I don’t know where I would be right now if you hadn’t been such an amazing mother for me as a little girl. You’re one of the strongest women I know and your perseverance and fun, creative nature continue to inspire me every day. From growing up with your home daycare business almost all of my life, I definitely feel ahead of the game when it comes to children (especially since my first two real jobs basically revolved around them. For better or for worse…). I felt extra qualified as a babysitter and know that having children is more than just cute faces and silly games. You’ve shown me how to nurture and care for others, how to bring out the best in them to help them learn and grow. I can understand how little minds work and […]

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Dad | Everything I Am, I Owe To You


To my dad on the day after Father’s Day… I am so, so lucky to have such an amazing father! Dad, Daddy, Father, etc all have slightly different connotations, but you fit all of them. You’re the fun dad grilling steaks and playing basketball with the family. You’re the daddy a little girl could count on and look up to. You’re the strong father keeping our lives together and tackling the hard subjects with us when we just want to give up.   You would play Barbies with me even though now you often tell me how much you hated it. You may not have liked it, but you dealt with it anyway (albeit unenthusiastically 😉 ) just to spend the time with me. You forced me to face my fears. From throwing me off the edge of the pool to pushing me down the hill on a bike to making […]

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Mid-Year Check-In | Finding Happiness

Mid-Year Check-In

You guys, life is good. My (completely unplanned) focus word for 2017 is joy, but the year certainly didn’t start out that way. I didn’t make a new year’s resolution. I had never done focus words before and, frankly, I didn’t really understand them. I didn’t set out to start any new hobbies or change something about myself or anything (other than starting a gratitude journal, read that story here). But, life had other ideas for me. About a month into the new year, I had an epiphany ( 😉 ). I had spent the first few weeks of semester (so early to mid-January) in a constant state of anger and annoyance. I had zero patience, was tense all of the time, wasn’t sleeping, and could have been set off by any little thing. I’m still not entirely sure why I was like that, but it was not a good […]

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