Perpetual Bucket List


Inspired by Thomas Frank’s Impossible List, I’ve revamped the old “New Year, New Progress” page to serve as a perpetual bucket list. I wanted a way to hold myself accountable for all of these goals and dreams I have in addition to having an easy place to keep track of all I’ve done! Some are easy, some are lofty, but I can’t wait to get to all of them!


This is just to kick start 2018, more will for sure be added!

last updated 12/30/17


Go skydiving
Go to a movie by myself
Take a barre class
Explore Charlotte, NC
Go hiking (for real)
Learn how to play chess
Read all of the Harry Potter series
Go to a poetry slam
Go parasailing
Run a race
Solve a Rubik’s Cube
Publish a book


Welcome my first guest post on the blog (Completed 1/12/17)
Write my first sponsored post on the blog (Completed 2/9/17)
Move out of the dorm and beyond an apartment (Completed 5/21/17)
Take a beach weekend (Completed 5/27/17)
Try some true North Carolina barbecue (Completed 6/14/17)
Watch the sun rise from a blanket on the grass (Completed 6/18/17)
Introduce my high school friends to Raleigh (Completed 7/28/17 + 8/11/17)
Perfect a go-to recipe (Completed 7/31/17)
See a comedy show (Completed 9/14/17)
Attend a Wolfpack basketball game (Completed 12/9/17)