The Products You Need In Your Life

The Products You Need In Your Life
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Life is hard. The products you use in your daily life shouldn’t be an obstacle in getting done what you need to do. I personally use each of the following regularly and highly recommend them! Each solves an annoying little *first-world* problem that pops up in everybody’s life, like a charger that doesn’t reach your bed or dropping an earring back in the dark and losing it forever. The struggle is real.


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1. Extra Long Charger

iPhone Charger Lightning to USB Cable

This charger is 10 feet long and completely changed the phone-charging game for me (yes, I just said phone-charging game). I had a lofted bed in my dorm last year, which meant no late night Pinterest binges since my phone is usually close to dead by the end of the day #IPhoneBatteryProbs . I bought this about two months into my freshman year and I still use it every night!

You will use this way more than you expect, especially in college where outlets can be hard to come by. Trust me.

2. Turbie Twist

Turbie Twist White Super-absorbent Hair Towel cotton 1 pack

Turbie Twist White

I’ve used this so many times, I think it’s getting worn out and I need to buy a new one! I got it as a birthday present or something forever ago, but I love it so much. If you have long, thick hair like I do, you know it takes a few centuries to dry completely. This is light and way less bulky than having a towel on your head. After I wash my hair, I’ll put this on and continue the rest of my shower. By the time I’m out and dressed, my hair isn’t sopping wet and dripping anymore!

It has a tapered design to better fit your head as well as an elastic to secure the towel (and your hair)! They also come in a bunch of colors, so check out your local drugstore or Target to see what’s available. I’m pretty sure I have the version in the link above, which is microfiber instead of cotton, but it still works perfectly fine. Let me know if you find a good cotton one!

3. Teeth Whitener

1 pack of Plus White 5-Minute Premier Whitening System

Plus White 5-Minute Premier Whitening System

Own your smile again! Coffee is basically its own food group anymore, but the staining it causes is so annoying. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t use this as often as I should, but the results are super fast and noticeable after just one use. I love this system because it’s so easy and doesn’t cost a small fortune like a box of those whitening strips.

All you need to do with Plus White is spread the gel in the mouth piece and leave it in for 5-20 minutes. It also comes with a rinse to use afterwards to help protect against future staining. To save time (and avoid people seeing me with a giant blue mouth piece, let’s be real), I use it during my shower and it works great!

4. Quality Colorful Pens

Paper Mate – Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens

Pens should not make me as happy as these do. They are the smoothest pens I’ve ever used and they write so beautifully! I use them to write letters and cards, color code my planner and class notes, and even to write to-do lists! Who wouldn’t want to vacuum when it’s written right in front of you in pink? Having good quality materials makes office work so much more enjoyable, so go ahead. Get excited about a pen. 😉

5. Glass Phone Screen Protector

iPhone 6 Screen Protector

I drop my phone probably every day, but I have yet to crack the screen *knock on wood*. I have a super cute case, but it really doesn’t offer much protection. So, what saves me is this awesome screen protector! It’s not some flimsy sticker you can buy at the dollar store, oh no. This is thin tempered glass and you can feel the difference as soon as you put it on! Installation is super simple and it doesn’t affect the definition-quality of the screen at all. It’s so awesome.

6. Extra Earring Backs

Petal Style and Ridge Style Earring Backs

I’m a clumsy person. It’s just a sad fact of my life. I’ve lost countless earrings and even more earring backs over the years. One day, I had finally had enough and bought this pack of 500 rubber backs. It contains an assortment of two different styles and I’ve never had a problem with them not fitting one of my earrings. They also aren’t too loose that they fall off, causing you to lose yet another earring. I also haven’t had an allergic reaction of any kind, like I do with some metals, so hopefully these will also work for those of you with sensitive skin or allergies!

7. Phone Wallet

Soft Leather Phone Wristlet

This wallet has been a game changer for college! I used to have a small coin purse-sized thing that had an ID window and could hold a few cards and bills, but it was so small it was a pain to use when trying to buy anything. My keys were attached by a loose lobster clip on the outside and I had to keep track of my phone separately from both of those.

With this one, I can fit my phone, all of my cards/bills/coins/coupons, chapstick, keys, and even sunglasses. I only have to grab one thing when I leave the dorm and everything is securely tucked inside. The wrist strap makes it easy to still be accessible when my hands are full (with food, not gonna lie). I’ve only been using it for about a month so far, but it seems really durable. It’s leather and comes in 14 different colors/patterns, so there’s something for everyone!

8. Portable Charger

Premium Aluminum Power Bank

I hate plugging in my phone unless it’s under 20%. I don’t really know why, it just really bothers me. This means that I’ve gone out with a phone on 40% and returned with a phone barely hanging on to 5%.
After buying this portable charger, I never have to worry about draining my battery because I can save it whenever it’s about to die (#hero am I right).

This is small, light, and will give you a full battery and still have some juice left for a little extra. It uses the USB end of a charger, so it should work with a variety of electronics. Perfect for emergencies and it comes in four colors! #winwin


So, as you’ve probably gathered from my selection above, I get excited about the most random of things. It’s okay though. When the small things make you happy, life is good <3


~What products can you not live without? Has anything made your life exponentially easier?

The Products You Need In Your Life

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