Reflecting On The Christmas Attitude

Reflecting On The Christmas Attitude-1
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I’ve struggled with this post. Naturally, I’m supposed to give you a holiday post. What kind of blogger would I be if I deprived you of that? 😉 But I also found myself going back and forth as to what I actually wanted to say. If you’ve talked to me in recent years, you know I am not about Christmas (read last year’s story on that here). Really, I just can’t seem to enjoy it like I used to.

But I didn’t want to go on yet another rant about the holidays (y’all deserve better than that). This post has evolved so many times over the past 2 weeks, from “The Problem With Our Gift-Giving Culture” to “Redefining Our Holiday Season.” I even went so far as to title it “Fighting Christmas,” but then I had to draw the line on myself.

What am I doing?

Who am I to bring such negativity into the festivities? Why am I discrediting everyone else’s spirit? How can I be so selfish as to live out December with such a closed mind? I spent 2017 successfully living out my focus words of joy and gratitude, yet here I am stewing about our modern Christmas tendencies, inadvertently ruining this time for others and, yes, I am sick of it.

This isn’t about my own grievances with the holidays.

This is about you. This is about us. This is about rediscovering the magical feeling of the holiday season. This is about realizing that the wide-eyed wonderment of childhood is never lost on us.

Life is what you make it, so let’s make it right (thanks for the words of wisdom, Hannah Montana). Sitting in perpetual dread, waiting for the holidays to be over, won’t change anything except how you, and the people around you, feel.

So, if you’re all about Christmas and you break out the red and green and Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving, keep doing you. Keep smiling and singing and wearing your Santa hats. Don’t let anyone try to take your spirit down a notch because you are what this world needs!

And, if you’re like me and have been stuck in this terrible state of negativity come Christmas time, get over yourself. I spent the year focusing on taking charge of my mindset and completely changing how I see the world; now is certainly not the time to disregard all of that. It’s applicable now more than ever!

It is the most wonderful time of the year, after all!

Don’t mutter about our materialistic tendencies, watching the crowds fight over this year’s hot toy. Put real thought into giving meaningful gifts to your loved ones instead.

Don’t sulk in condescension about the increase in random acts of kindness that comes with November and is over by the New Year. Be happy people are giving instead.

Don’t keep your eyes glued to your phone so you can block out the relatives around you. Appreciate their presence and have a real conversation with them instead.


Enjoy the time you have and indulge in the magic of Christmas. You’ve earned this break! It’s up to you to make it amazing, so why are you (myself included) depriving yourself of that?


~ How are you setting your mindset this holiday season?

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