To The Zombie You Become During Final Exam Season

To The Zombie You Become During Final Exam Season-1

Welcome to finals season! I know, I know- you’re exhausted, you’re stressed, you’re burned out, you’re hungry but you don’t have even ten minutes eat (spoiler: you do), you haven’t seen the sun in four days, and you look and feel like a zombie. Well, all I have to say is get over yourself. Yep, go ahead and read that again. Are you good and mad at me? Perfect. And I lied, I do have more to say. Let’s get into it, shall we?   This is a post about final exam season and, as I do every semester in one form or another, I’m about to air everything that you, as a finals-induced zombie, are doing wrong. If you don’t sleep, you’re doing finals wrong. If you don’t eat, you’re doing finals wrong. If you never leave the library, you’re doing finals wrong. If you don’t shower, you’re doing […]

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100 Random Facts About Me | 100th Post!

100 Random Facts About Me!-1

Welcome to another milestone! This is the 100th post on Sweet Tea Epiphany! I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I absolutely love it. It’s a lot more work than I expected going in, but it’s also a ton of fun! I don’t know how I was ever able to come up with 100 posts to write without ever running out topics, but I still have pages and pages of ideas just waiting to be written so we’re not going anywhere any time soon 😉 You know that time I wrote 1200 words about what I do every day? Well. In honor of my 100th blog post, today I’m sharing 100 fun facts you didn’t know you didn’t want to know about me 😉 I’ve been working on this list for a few months now, but I had so much writing it and am so excited to finally […]

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Why Our Resume-Building Culture Isn’t Enough

Why Our Resume-Building Culture Isn't Enough-1

What is the big piece of advice they tell you in high school in order to get into a good college? What is one of the biggest tips they tell you in college in order to get a good job? “You need to build your resume. You need to do impressive things to put on your impressive piece of paper to show your impressive employers that you’re impressive enough to hire.” I didn’t realize this until recently, when another member of one of my college organizations mentioned how hard it is to find passionate contributors to arts and service related groups at a STEM school. We are a very tech-oriented university and our students don’t always see non-professional, non-technical groups as beneficial, electing instead to spend their time with things better known for “building up their resume.” He was right. We have very much become a resume-building culture. We do […]

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Why “It’s Fine” Isn’t Always Fine

Why _It's Fine_ Isn't Always Fine-3

We hear “fine” a lot. Like, a lot a lot. For a word that’s become so norm, so popular in daily conversation, it has lost its actual definition. It has downgraded to become a reference we all understand, but one that is so contradictory to what it was originally meant to signify. It’s affecting how our mind perceives and processes external situations; maybe it’s just me, but this new trend is driving me insane. This past week was one of the hardest I’ve ever had in school. I was falling behind, I wasn’t understanding the material, and really I was just lost in all aspects of everything. I wasn’t sleeping, I was completely overwhelmed, and I ate half as many meals as I skipped. It was a rough few weeks all culminating in one big finale. But what did I say week after week, day after day, hour after hour? […]

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From The Archives | Stop Helping And Serve Instead

Stop Helping.Serve Instead.

This post was originally published in March of this year (read it here). It’s been slightly edited to include the personal reflection that occurred since the original drafting, but the overall sentiment remains unchanged (because it’s timeless!). Why am I resharing it so soon? The service break applications at my school are due this week! Read about my spring break that started it all here and the most recent one that changed my outlook on life here! This past spring break, I participated in a second alternative service break trip through my university. We flew out to California to work with the nonprofit GRID Alternatives to install solar panels in under-served communities as well as integrate ourselves in the culture of the San Francisco Bay area. As I sat in my room on my first night back in North Carolina after a whirlwind of a week, I started to think […]

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An Open Letter | To My Little

To My Little

A very similar post titled “To My Future Little” was originally published in September 2016.   Dear Little, You don’t know who I am yet, but when reveal night finally arrives it will be one of the most exciting experiences I’ve shared with this sisterhood. I always believed we were meant to find each other. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and at the time that it’s supposed to come. Life always has an incredible way of working out and I couldn’t be happier that I have the honor of being your big sister. I always love every minute of recruitment because I get to talk to all of our amazing potential new members, all the while knowing the amazing journey that each could soon embark on. I had such a strong feeling that this semester was it, that I would get to share in an […]

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12 Things To Do The Summer Before Starting College

Things To Do The Summer Before Starting College

These past two years in college have been the most transformative years I’ve ever had. I like to think I kinda sorta have my life together at this point (we’ll see how long that lasts 😉 ) and it all started the summer before I moved to Raleigh. The summer in between graduating high school and starting college is one of the best summers. You never have to another AP summer assignment again, aren’t working full-time, and don’t really have any big *adult* responsibilities, so there’s all this freedom to pack your days how you want to. This summer is for you. It’s for gearing up to start this new chapter of your life and winding down the old one. It’s for putting in the time to figure out what you want out of life (though obviously this will probably change later). It’s for deciding who you’ve been and who […]

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7 Big School Myths: Debunked

Big School Myths_ Debunked

Spring has brought out all of the college tour groups! I know decision deadlines for you high school seniors are coming up fast; if you’re on the fence about attending a larger university because of all of the stereotypes surrounding them, I want to take today to let you know that they aren’t all true. I absolutely love going to a bigger school (read why here) and knew I wanted attend one despite any stigma surrounding state universities. Needless to say, it was probably one of the best decisions of my life (no exaggeration). Here’s hoping the following 7 things will help lead you to your second home!   1. You’re just a number. This is probably the big school stereotype that frustrates me the most. Even with tens of thousands of other students, you are still a person and your university will recognize that. Faculty, staff, peers, employers, and the […]

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13 Things We Need To Tell Each Other More Often

Things We Need To Tell Each Other More Often

At the end of the day, we have nothing if we don’t have each other. The foundation of being humans, at least in my eyes, is the connections and bonds formed between us. Any kind of relationship takes work; I think the following thirteen statements are some of the most simple yet powerful ways to strengthen and maintain those relationships. They’re words that I believe all of us could agree would completely make our day if we heard just one of them from just one person. You have to put in effort, but your inner circle should be worth it. It’s up to us to make society a happier place to be. We’re in this life together, so please don’t let the people most important to you fade away.   1. I care about you. Simple one to start out with, right? Obviously we know how important the people in […]

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Why I Shocked Everyone (Myself Included) And Joined A Sorority

Why I Shocked Everyone (Myself Included) And Joined A Sorority

I’ve seen how the movies perpetuate the sorority girl stereotype. I know what people outside of Greek life think of us, especially when they see a blonde wearing letters. With all of this, I can definitely understand my friends’ and family’s surprise when they found out I was going through recruitment. After all, how could a shy, quiet, timid, introverted, engineering freshman like myself possibly be interested in a sorority?   I joined Alpha Omega Epsilon my first semester of college. Recruitment started only a few weeks into the school year, so I really haven’t known college without this organization. So why, despite the stigma, did I decide to join *gasp* a sorority? Out of the hundreds of student groups out there, what drew me to this one in particular?     I can’t speak for all of Greek life since A.O.E. is very unique. We’re a professional engineering sorority- […]

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