Why Our Resume-Building Culture Isn’t Enough

Why Our Resume-Building Culture Isn't Enough-1

What is the big piece of advice they tell you in high school in order to get into a good college? What is one of the biggest tips they tell you in college in order to get a good job? “You need to build your resume. You need to do impressive things to put on your impressive piece of paper to show your impressive employers that you’re impressive enough to hire.” I didn’t realize this until recently, when another member of one of my college organizations mentioned how hard it is to find passionate contributors to arts and service related groups at a STEM school. We are a very tech-oriented university and our students don’t always see non-professional, non-technical groups as beneficial, electing instead to spend their time with things better known for “building up their resume.” He was right. We have very much become a resume-building culture. We do […]

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From The Archives | Stop Helping And Serve Instead

Stop Helping.Serve Instead.

This post was originally published in March of this year (read it here). It’s been slightly edited to include the personal reflection that occurred since the original drafting, but the overall sentiment remains unchanged (because it’s timeless!). Why am I resharing it so soon? The service break applications at my school are due this week! Read about my spring break that started it all here and the most recent one that changed my outlook on life here! This past spring break, I participated in a second alternative service break trip through my university. We flew out to California to work with the nonprofit GRID Alternatives to install solar panels in under-served communities as well as integrate ourselves in the culture of the San Francisco Bay area. As I sat in my room on my first night back in North Carolina after a whirlwind of a week, I started to think […]

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What’s Our Problem With Commitment?

What's Our Problem With Commitment_-2

Why is our society today so afraid of committing? I’ve seen it time and time again, especially in the past few years. People hate making concrete plans. They’re terrified about locking themselves into a lease or contracts in general. They worry about where to go to college, who to marry, and what career to consider. We completely stress ourselves out over so many decisions and end up just avoiding them entirely instead. Why are we always so hesitant about anything that resembles future obligation and responsibility?   Is it because we’re so incredibly greedy that we don’t want to limit how much we can get? We live in a very “more” culture, so when we put ourselves in a situation of settling down with something, anything, we panic because we think that’s all we’re ever going to get. We have a happiness problem, a lack of appreciation and gratitude for […]

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500 Words On Personal Values and Handling Judgment

Personal Values2

I hold my personal values very close to me. I’m traditional in a lot of ways and I’ve come to realize that not many people still see more old-fashioned principles as meaningful. I’m not going to get into specifics right now (though you can read one example from last year here), but I want to take this post to emphasize that you can’t let anyone influence what you believe is right. I’ve gotten a lot of judgment for what I think are important principles, but I refuse to let that influence how I live my life. It’s important to understand what you value because those personal values are what guide you. You don’t have to find every cliche in the book or adopt the noblest of ideals if those aren’t truly you; you just have to sit down with your priorities and see how they line up with what you […]

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Why You Should Study A Second Language In College

Why You Should Study A Second Language In College

While it is true that a university education is still a privilege these days, isn’t it also true that it should continue to be the responsibility of students to use their higher education to make a difference in society? Language is a fundamental aspect of a culture; communication and general comprehension between groups are what allow us to transcend borders and unite on one planet. The ability to speak another language has benefits for all areas of the public and of the self. For positive development of new generations (and society as a result), learning a second language should be seriously considered among all incoming students! I think every student should put in the effort to study a foreign language because I’ve experienced first hand all that there is to gain from doing so. And what all do you have to gain besides, you know, another language? I’m glad you […]

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An Open Letter To Educators Everywhere

To Educators Everywhere

Happy *early* national teacher appreciation day! I’m so excited this day is finally here (or at least it will be finally here tomorrow). I have been looking forward to writing this post for months because I’ve been so fortunate to have had such incredible educators throughout my life. I know that they don’t always get the acknowledgement or even the “thank you” they rightfully deserve, so today’s post is for all of the educators out there putting in the hours, teaching kids from nursery school to grad school, and shaping our future as a result!   Dear educators everywhere,   We are forever indebted to you. You go out of your way and above and beyond for every single one of your students to make sure they can learn how they learn best. The extra time and effort you put into making learning both effective and enjoyable for everyone does […]

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Spending Spring Break On Top Of A House | Part 2

Spending Spring Break On Top Of A House part 2

Today I’m covering the second half of what went on during NC State’s Solar Spring Break 2017! If you haven’t seen part 1, you should probably read that first to get some context as to why we were in California, who GRID Alternatives is, and, of course, how we spent the first half of spring break!   Go ahead. Click on that link. I’ll wait.   Good? Awesome. Let’s pick up where we left off!   Once again, I did not take every picture posted here. Props to the team for whoever did!   Wednesday Today was our first install day! A lot of us had been waiting all week for this, knowing we’d get to meet the families, work on the roof, and have more hands-on learning with regards to solar power. I absolutely love construction- the energy, the teamwork, the fluidity, the tangible results- so I definitely felt […]

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Spending Spring Break On Top Of A House | Part 1

Spending Spring Break On Top Of A House

As you may have gathered from this post, this update, or this one, I had an absolutely life-changing spring break! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the scoop:   I joined 10 other NC State students and a faculty advisor on an adventure across the country to the San Francisco Bay area in California. We spent our spring break serving with the non-profit organization GRID Alternatives, which works to make renewable energy technology and job training accessible to underserved communities. They are absolutely amazing. We met staff from a variety of GRID offices and backgrounds, but all were so open, welcoming, inspiring, encouraging, patient, and willing to teach. Getting to know them was definitely a huge highlight of the trip! They really helped make our experience all that it was and more. I highly encourage you to visit GRID’s website and learn more about the organization. It’s […]

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Stop Helping And Serve Instead

Stop Helping.Serve Instead.-1

First, I apologize for my mini hiatus over the past two weeks. I promise it was all worth it though- I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to and what I’ve learned! That post is live! Read it here. This spring break, I participated in another alternative service break trip through my university. We flew out to California to work with the nonprofit GRID Alternatives to install solar panels in underserved communities as well as integrate ourselves in the culture of the San Francisco Bay area. As I sat in my room on my first night back in North Carolina after a whirlwind of a week, I started to think back on a piece my team leader (shout-out to Kara <3 ) read to us on our service break the year before to rural Appalachia West Virginia. It discusses the difference between helping, fixing, and serving (you can […]

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Spending Spring Break Underneath A House | From The Archives

Spending Spring Break Underneath A House-archives1

This was originally published in August of 2016. I have updated it with a few new pictures (and I apologize in advance that some are kind of dark)!   Every student looks forward to spring break. It’s a week off from school to spend at the beach with your friends, hiking with your family, or just relaxing after the stress of classes. Spring semesters are notoriously rough, but spring break seems to come at just the right time. My first college spring break combined the friendship, outdoors, and spiritual grounding from all of the typical ways of spending this break, but the greater impact was so much more. Today, in honor of my second alternative service break being only days away (!!), I wanted to reshare this first experience that changed my life and how I see the world. My hope is that I can convince you to change not […]

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