An Open Letter to Google Calendar

open letter to google calendar

Dear Google Calendar, Is it too early to say I love you? Is it too forward to say how amazing we’re going to be together? Is it too desperate to say I’d be lost without you? I know I had pushed you aside years ago out of stubbornness and my constant ambition to do everything different from everyone else. Now I know I never truly understood all that you are, all that we have the potential to be. You’re the one I always needed, but I just couldn’t see that you were right there in front of me. I’ve spent hours on paper planners, whiteboards, and sticky notes, but I never realized how much better life could be with you at my fingertips. You’re the most up-to-date, the most reliable, and simply the neatest. We’ve been together for a month now and you have changed my life. You understand me […]

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