7 Unconventional Things To Be Thankful For

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a common thing in many families to go around the dinner table and say what you’re thankful for that year. Natural, easy responses to this tradition are always family, friends, health, good food, etc. Today, I’m sharing 7 things we should give thanks for, even if they may not always seem that great on the surface.


1. Failure


You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times- failure is important. It helps you grow, it helps you learn. Failure is the best teacher because it acts with tough love. It helps you remember that things may go wrong sometimes, but life will go on. Be thankful that you are able to try and, even if it doesn’t exactly go as planned, be thankful that you are able to move forward. You’ve been given another chance, so take full advantage of that opportunity!


2. Strangers


Some of the best conversations are with people you don’t even know and won’t ever see again. So many strangers will go out of their way to build you up and make your day a little brighter. They often tell it like it is, but do so in a way that motivates and inspires. You can meet some amazing people with incredible stories just by striking up a conversation in the elevator or in line at the grocery store. Humans are social creatures by nature and it’s so great to see how a random person can care so much about your well-being! Be thankful for the other people around you, especially those you don’t know, because your interactions with them help build who you are as an individual as well.


3. Broken Elevators

“Happiness equals reality minus expectations.” -Tom Magliozzi

We take so many things for granted nowadays that when one of our expectations is suddenly taken away every once and a while, it can seem like the end of the world. Be thankful that it’s not!

I live on the eighth floor of my residence hall, so believe me when I say I complain a lot when even just one of our three elevators are down. Sometimes it’s hard not to succumb to laziness. Be thankful that you have two legs to carry you up those *many* flights of stairs and that you can continue on with your day.


4. Early mornings

I get that 8 ams are rough. It’s no fun to have to get out of your nice, warm bed and make the trek to class in the morning. It’s no fun to have to heat up a cold car and fight traffic to get to work by 7. It’s no fun to wake up at 5 to fit that workout in before starting your day.

But be thankful for being able to make it out of bed.

You’ve been blessed with another day of life and that’s a beautiful thing! Early mornings allow you to fit more in your day, even if that “more” is more time to relax. I love mornings because life is slow, quiet, and personal. Mornings set up your day for success and that’s an amazing opportunity to take advantage of.


5. Controversy

“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain” –via

Be thankful that you have a voice and the ability to hear other people’s voices as well. You have so much freedom of expression that many people aren’t as fortunate to experience, so embrace it!

Controversy inspires passion; be thankful for passionate people, even if you disagree with them. At least they care about something! Controversy gets you off of the couch and involved in your community. You have spirited (hopefully civil) conversations and discussions. You meet people, and interesting people at that!

Living a life where everyone has the same opinion would be boring, non-progressive, and borderline dystopian. Be thankful for people of different opinions because they come from different walks of life. You have so much to learn from them.


6. Traffic


No one likes traffic. It’s slow, annoying, and sometimes unsafe, but it can also represent so many things we are lucky to have. You have a reliable mode of transportation. You have a destination, something to look forward to. Be thankful when you’re finally able to hit the open road again and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with it. Traffic helps force you to slow down, which we can all use a little reminder of sometimes.


7. Struggle


“For All The Students Who Are Struggling Right Now” is one of my absolute favorite articles and every student needs to read it.

Be thankful for the struggles you face because you are lucky. You get to put in the work to change the world for everyone else because you are capable of doing so.

Be thankful that you have something to struggle for. You have a goal. You have drive. You have motivation, believe it or not. 😉

Be thankful for struggle because when you overcome a challenge, everything was worth it.


Find a reason to be thankful in everything of your life. Positivity and gratitude are a state of mind and you will be so much happier if you adopt it. <3


~What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


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    We normally overlook these tiny small things that happened to be important in shaping the path of our lives. Thank you for a reminder that these things matter too!!
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