Weekend In Raleigh | Birthday Recap

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This past weekend was definitely eventful. It was packed with running here and there and everywhere, but it was also a de-stressing kind of busy. I always love to read blog posts about fun weekend adventures, so today I’m sharing how I celebrated my birthday over two days!

First, the Friday night elevator fiasco.

I went to class and work, you know, the usual. Then, I had a networking dinner for an engineering mentoring program immediately after work. Although the dinner was small and kind of awkward, I definitely learned a lot from the corporate mentors that showed up (and added a few more connections on LinkedIn πŸ˜‰ )!

The real fun began as soon as I got back to my dorm. I live on the eighth floor, so naturally I take the elevator all the time.

Do you see where this is headed?

Yep, I got stuck in between floors. By myself. For two hours. It was hot, it was annoying, and I missed my homework submission deadline (which was partly my fault, but still).

Note to self: if you anticipate an elevator malfunction on a 90 degree day, don’t wear a long-sleeve polyester dress. See my Snapchat mini-series below-

img_8119 img_8120 img_8121

Thankfully the fire department finally rescued me around 10:30 pm and I had the most amazing roommates waiting outside the doors for me the entire time. Plus, everyone that saw it play out on Snapchat had a good laugh once they knew I was fine, so at least I’ve got a great reputation going on right now πŸ˜€



I got up to go to an 8:15 am cycling class with one of my sorority sisters (and good friend) the next morning. We were running pretty late, as we usually are, and I missed my turn, as I usually do, but we eventually made it and had a great time! It was so nice to go with someone and have a friend riding next to me so that we could simultaneously die together (#dramatic).

We also treated ourselves to Brueggers afterwards, so that definitely added a little extra motivation on the bike!

The mother arrives!

My mom arrived around lunchtime to spend my birthday weekend with me! It was nice to have a day without homework and studying and to go out and explore my lovely college city with her.

Our first stop was Cafe Carolina for lunch. Considering I had two breakfasts that morning and ordered a waffle for lunch, I’m happy to report that three breakfasts in one day is certainly one of my better decisions. πŸ˜‰

Reedy Creek Trail

After lunch, we went to track down this pedestrian bridge that crosses I-440 that my mom has been obsessed with walking over since she first saw it. It actually goes from Meredith College (near NC State) all the way to the art museum and then to Umstead Park. We only walked maybe a mile or so total, but it was so hot that after 20 minutes of walking past the other side of the bridge we turned back. It’s a super nice trail though, so if you *somehow* find joy in running, go check it out.

img_8141When your mother makes you hop a fence to take a picture





I also drive under it fairly frequently and now I have the memory of such a good weekend connected to it!

Hotel and Mall to recover.

My mom and I hate the heat. We can’t handle being sweaty and red faced and, well, hot at all. After returning to the car after the trail, we went back to her hotel to cool off and then hit the mall.

I haven’t really walked around our mall too much, but there’s a pretty good selection of stores. There’s no Kohls, which I’m really sad about, but there is a Disney store, so that was awesome.

RDU Observation Deck

From the mall, we decided to hit the observation deck at the Raleigh-Durham airport to watch the planes land/take-off. I’ve always wanted to do this, so it was awesome to be so close to the runways!


I apologize for the terrible lighting, it was during one of those awkward evening hours.

Unfortunately, the observation deck was closed for construction, but we still had a smaller view of everything from a fence right by the runways.


Tuscan Blu

By this time, it was around 7 and we realized we needed food. We tracked down this little Italian restaurant I found with my dad last year. It’s a cute little place with exposed beams and a romantic atmosphere filled with nicely dressed couples, so it was fun to show up in sweaty tank tops and eat lots of pasta πŸ˜‰ Much classier than the dining hall, obviously. The food was ridiculously fast, but it was hot and it was good! I’m feeling a girls night out location in the future for sure.


Campus and Ice Cream

We took our time getting back to campus and then walked to get ice cream from the campus creamery. It’s all made from State’s own dairy and is so good; of course I had to make sure my mom tried some! We ran into my suitemate while we were there, so we all walked back to the dorm together.

By this time, it was late.

It was definitely past my bedtime so we split off for the night. I went back to the room and did some homework, made it to the last season of Friends, and went to bed.


Yay birthday! My mom and I went toΒ Flying Biscuit for breakfast where I got her to try grits and *gasp* like them! They were cream-based, so a lot better than what’s offered in the grocery store or at the dining hall. If you read my moving south post, you know I learned to love grits, so I like to bring it up to my family whenever possible πŸ˜‰

Yates Mill

After breakfast and a ton of last minute research of where to go next (who knew Raleigh could be so boring), we decided to check out Yates Mill. This was a great decision! It’s so beautiful and I definitely want to go back to walk around more.





And that’s a wrap!

My mom left after we got back from the mill and I worked on homework until a meeting later that night. All in all, it was a very memorable weekend and I had a lot of fun!

If you happen to know of any fun things to do in Raleigh, please let me know! It was such a struggle to find places to go that we were seriously considering going to a gourd festival. Maybe next year πŸ˜‰


~How did you spend your last birthday?



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  • Lisa Reigel

    Thanks for spending your birthday weekend with me! I LOVED the Flying Biscuit. Must go there when we come for Parent Weekend.

    • Amanda Reigel

      YAS the biscuits will be a-flyin