What My Roommate Taught Me

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There are a lot of horror stories associated with opting for a random roommate, but I got so incredibly lucky with mine. We have very similar personalities, but different interests, so it’s a great dynamic we’ve got going on. My roommate, Abby, is this beautiful little red head studying animal science and, after living together for only a year and half, she has unknowingly (until now) taught me so much about going through this wonderful little thing called life.

1. Sometimes laying on the floor makes everything better.


We didn’t meet until move-in day. Look how little we look just a year ago!

It’s a common occurrence in our dorm room that one of us will get up, walk over the middle of our rug, and just collapse. If it’s been a long day and I’m so exhausted that I can’t believe I made it back to the room, I’ll crash on the carpet. If she’s been studying for hours and looking at one more bone will make her lose her mind, she’ll crumple on the floor. If we want to watch a show, but jumping up on the bed seems like too much effort, you got it, we take it to the rug. I know a story’s about to get real  when Abby plops down on the rug and says “okay, so…”

That little blue rectangle, despite always being covered in hair (we can’t help it), means a lot in our dorm room. It’s followed us from our first trip together to pick it out on freshman year move-in day to our second year of college and is still going strong. It’s our centerpiece, our focal point, our little pow-wow space and I love it.

2. Do little things with big heart.


Why don’t we work outside more often??

Abby’s such a compassionate person (my friends from home will tell you I’m exactly the opposite so..). She will be concerned about your mental well-being when you may not even notice it yourself. She always has such love in her voice when talking about, I don’t know, babies. Or goats. Or baby goats. She understands that the little things in life can mean just as much as the big ones and I love being able to celebrate them with her (especially if ice cream is involved).

She’s a mentor for the living and learning village we’re a part of and watching her make sure all of her little mentee babies are doing okay makes me so happy. She goes out of her way to help them and I honestly couldn’t think of a better mentor figure for them.

3. Scary movies can be a good time.


I’ve never face-swapped before this. It’s slightly terrifying.

I had never watched an entire “horror” movie until I came to college. I didn’t do ghost children or possessive demons or anything weird and supernatural like that. But, one day, we decided we were in the mood for scary and that was that. I don’t even remember what movie we started with, but now I love scary movie nights. We are still too big of wimps to watch anything hardcore, but what we’ve seen so far has definitely made for good conversation and references after the fact!

College is for trying the new. It’s for trying the nervous, trying the scary, trying the out-there. You can completely reinvent yourself and have so much fun in the process, but the key is to start.

4. Talking a mile a minute and then immediately sitting in silence doesn’t have to be weird.


Writing an inspirational message during our late-night library adventure.

This semester, we’re on such different schedules that we don’t really see each other except for later on at night. To make up for this, we end up recapping our entire day in a matter of minutes before climbing up into our beds, putting in headphones, and working on homework.

And it’s not weird.

I basically live my life in a state of awkward (#represent), but there’s no such thing as awkward silence in our room and it’s a great feeling.

5. See the special in life.


My first hiking trip! #HangingRock2K15

Abby got me saying her word,”special,” and, although that may not seem like much, her connotation is so genuine that you know whatever you just described is, well, special. This may not seem like such a big deal, but I’ve started thinking it and it helps me appreciate so much more. Don’t just think something is “good” or “fine.” Think of it as special because this life you’ve been given is incredibly so. And guess what? You get to live it!

6. You’re not alone.

Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family.

There’s always someone out there who understands the way you feel. When you feel like the third friend on the sidewalk meant for two, they get it. When you’re freaking out about your future, someone else is having the same thoughts. When you’ve studied until you can’t study anymore and still feel lost, someone else is struggling right there besides you. If you had a day where you just couldn’t stop being awkward (#MyLife), someone else had that day last week.

I feel so lucky that I have a roommate who will listen to me when I need to share something, just as I will always be there to listen for her. There are some things that just won’t come out outside of the dorm room, so it’s great to have that little blue rectangle to depend on. <3


So, roomie, thanks for being probably the only person in existence I could’ve enjoyed sharing a room with for so long 😉 You’re a great person and you’re going to do great things and I’m so proud of you!


~What lessons have you taken away from your roommate/s?


Get social!

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